Live your Dreams not Your Worries


Think for a minute... how many people can say they have found a business opportunity that has changed their life?

I am going to take a wild guess that most will answer that with a good ol’ hard nope.

I came into this for the business opportunity and little did I know a major part of the journey was going to be a total mindset shift to allow uncapped abundance into my life.

And that it did.

Just before reading on, I am not here to “convince” anyone.

I just want provoke a thought for a moment.

Inform + educate that there is something else out there other than conforming to what we have been told we are supposed to do with our lives.

…working to build someone else’s dream.

When instead we could be building and growing our own businesses on our own time, our own terms utilizing something we handle every single day… a laptop or phone

…aka the laptop lifestyle.

These are the things I know:

I don’t want to wait until my golden years to enjoy life.

I want to continue to permanently reverse years of a negative mindset that had prevented me from incredible abundance and fulfillment in all aspects of my life.

I want to bring value to the table.

I want to inspire people.

I want to live life on my terms.

I want my team to achieve everything they want - more time with loved ones, the ability to travel more, a flush bank account, building a life and a legacy of abundance…

I remember exactly what it felt like having a mindset that attaining these things were “hard”.

The more I said it was hard, the harder it became.

To the point it sent me into a downward spiral.

I believed it so much that I created subconscious blocks that prevented me from ever attaining anything I wanted.

I repelled abundance and happiness and just fell back into building someone else’s dream all while watching my bank account drain.

But this business, this platform has taught me to reverse my mindset that was holding me back as long as I was willing to take action, put in the work, stay determined and committed, be real with myself, and dig deep into the what has been blocking me from abundance my whole life.

I remember the exact moment that everything changed for me permanently… one of my mentors said something to me that just clicked for me.

Even if your journey with me stops right here on this post I want to share those words

“Flow through life like it is effortless and easy.”

My new mantra.

So, start flowing.

And work on it...

Every…single... day!

Ready for your life change? 

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See you there!


This article was published on 29.11.2019 by Anna Rusinek
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