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September 2018

Hello and Thanks for your attention :-) 


1) About my self. 

2) About my business & what i do, you can do to in this Network Marketing Industry. 

1) I'm Kenneth Moller, in Danish it is: Kenneth Møller. 

If you have not guessed it yet, that i come from Denmark and have been in this Network Marketing industry for already many years now. Actually in 7-8 years since 2010/2011, despite my young age of 27 years old. 

I have a lot of experience in this industry, i have been in a few company's over the years. One company i have been with for over 5 years, others a bit shorter. In these companies I learned a lot of what is important, I have tried the old methods to prospect VS the modern way to do it. 

This industry do have a very bad image, and that is very sad. For it can be the very best way to work for you. Because here you get much more out of your hard work, when this is your own part of the business. Then if you just took a job position for someone els. 

But you need to take it seriously and like your own business to make it work. And still work hard for your own succes, for it is only you. Yes - you are also apart of a big company and team. But is still only you, who can decide if this is going to be a succes, of how much hard work you do. 

Yes, it is not needed to be that hard of work, like you normal know about with a really bad payday. Here in this industry you can work smarter and get a much better payday, because this is your business of this big business, with your own customers. 

You just need a really good product, it is the most important thing. Then it also needs to be something you can see your self in, that you will be happy about. Just remember it all can't be fun all the time, there is also times you need to do things that are not as fun. 

2) Now to my awesome business !! 

2,1 First of all, if you do not want to be part of the company (but just want to mine, then you can do so!) :-D 

2,2 Second of all, if you want to be a Networker with Mining, then you can also (optional) 

(remember, you can always contact me for more info and help) 

2,1) Mining by yourself: 

You can go to my page here: BitClub Mining

And make your free account on there, then we have a (Life Time Membership) that you need to pay just this one time in your hole life for this account. But do you want more then one account, then it is for each account you create this Life Time Membership needs to be payed. Price is $99 dollars for each account you make. 

Then it is time for you to select how much equipment you want to buy. 

Our Mining facilities of how much equipment you have is in shares, so for each share you want is the price $500 dollars, you can also see our diffrent pools on the site. Pool 2; is 2 shares and Pool 3; is 4 shares. On top of that we have the Founder Pool; is 7 shares + bonus things. 

All your Mining shares have 30 days Lead Time that means, it is the time it takes to setup your equipments. After the 30 days it will run for 1.000 days, then it runs out (because it is to old equipment) but you can also Compound from day one. So you take some of your Mining earnings and turn it in to more equipment, that means your return will also rise with that. When it rise, then your will get more Bitcoins. 

If you also want to Mine on the GPU, for Mining on other Crypto-currencies we provide. Then you can do so as well, but only one GPU coin at the time, unless you make more then one account. Then you can mine on diffrent GPU coins at the same time, but only one MINING GPU coin at each account you have (you can make as many accounts you want) > but let me help you set it up, for it is not easy to do. For you can make it, so you still using the same email for all your accounts, but to do so is something i need to help you with (it is a solution we also have, people can do) 

I will recommend you to do this: 

Buy for about $5.400 dollars and make 9 accounts / 9 shares (special setup that gives you better earnings) 


Does 9 accounts you have, do each have 1 share and in total it is: 9 shares. 

With daily payout over the 1.000 days do you have about 1,8 BTC 

The today price of Bitcoin is about: $6.500 dollars = then you will have for $11.660 dollars in Bitcoins and you will have double it up. For your profit is then $6.260 dollars. 

But remember the price of Bitcoin is about to rise any time now. So let's say when it hits $50.000 dollar price of Bitcoin, and you have 1,8 BTC you will have = $90.000 dollars !! 

YES, i know. You want more then that. 

So let's look on your 9 accounts again, with your 9 shares. 

If you then compound for 24 months with 100% and then just set it on payout. 

Then you will have 13,5 BTC and again with the today price of Bitcoin $6.500 you then have for $87.750 dollars in value, is this better? for your just $5.400 dollars you bought equipment for, and takes that from your Bitcoin value of $87.750 dollars, your profit is: $82.350 dollars over only 1.000 days :-D 


This is still just with the today low price on Bitcoin. For if we again take a look on if the price goes up to $50.000 dollars, then your 13,5 BTC will be worth for $675.000 dollars !! :-O 

Then take your $5.400 dollars you bought equipment for, and takes that from your Bitcoin value of $675.000 dollars, then your total profit is: $669.600 dollars you have earned on this Mining!! 

If you want to buy for more then $5.400 dollars in this example, then YES you can! and that will just make it much better :-D 

BUT !! it is now you need to get started, for the price will go up any time now. That means it is much cheaper for you to get started now, then late on when the Bitcoin price go up. 

Do you not wish that you get started with mining when the Bitcoin price was just $200 dollars or even lower then that ?? to this today price we have today. For the next few years we will go up to $300.000 dollars or $1 million dollar price for each Bitcoin. 

You agree if you did know all that i know, that is going on and how the Bitcoin + Blockchain works. 

Let me give you a example of something you know. Lets look on the internet, did you use the internet for 30 years ago? do you use it today,.. yeah this is the motion of the revolution is, and this is the new one. 

It is just up to you, how many Bitcoin's you want before it hits 50.000, 300.000 or even 1 million dollar price. 

(contact me, if you need proof of our Mining on the Blockchain) 

2,2 How to be a Networker: 

You need to want Mining and educate people about Mining. 

Then you need to buy Mining equipment at least for $1.800 - $5.400 dollars or even more then that (optional). 

> get in contact with me, to know more. I want to speak with you first, and know more about you. Also want to tell you more about it. 

Contact me here at MLM-Gateway or on WatchApp +45 22 99 27 42 / 0045 22992742 

WhatsApp link: 

You can also find me here on Facebook: privat profil: Kenneth Moller 

> remember to write to me on Facebook, and let me know why you are contacting me, i get a lot of messages so it will help me a lot with a little info message from you, when you contact me. 

All the best

Kenneth Moller - Crypto & Mining enthusiast 

This article was published on 17.09.2018 by Kenneth Moller
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