Dubli: The True Network Of XXI Century

Dubli: The True Network Of XXI Century


I would not have done more Network Marketing. 

Nothing is forever, but for a while I'd been to the window because no project responded to what I wanted, but then came Dubli ... 


What is DubLi?

DubLi is the world's largest e-commerce that uses network marketing, offering the best products at the best price and earns money (even to mere customers!) 

Too good right? Expects me explain ... 

As a simple client (without having to hunt miss a cent) going from ecommerce portal of DubLi access to famous sites such as Zalando, Unieuro, Groupon, Booking.com, Eprice, CoopOnline etc .. (there are more than 10 thousand!), Buy the product the brand you want at bargain prices, and more (drum roll) also receive money through Cash Back 

Want to Work Directly With ME?

What is Cash Back?

The Cash Back is the return of money: for example, you spend 250 Euros for 3 days in a hotel in Miami at the best price guaranteed by booking on hotels.com and thanks to DubLi receive cash back on your credit card, paypal or bank on 31 euro! 

Basically, the cash back is the money with rubber band, ie from them but it is as if the notes were attached with a rubber band and come back to you 

DubLi has invented the cash back? Absolutely not… 

Only that DubLi has the highest on the market so it is most beneficial cash back for customers who save and earn more!


3 Business Models Dubli

DubLi has 3 simple business models.

The first business model is to make customers. 

There are three types of customers: the free, premium and VIP. 

The difference? the free is FREE and has a lower percentage of cash back, the VIP has an annual subscription (99 €) and the maximum return of money on each site of DubLi Partner.

If they just buy will make free, if you use a lot of the e-commerce will make the VIP package and in a few purchases if they find themselves already paid.

It 'hard to make customers?

I would say no because it saves people on things they already do.

Example conversation: "David purchases on Groupon?" "Yes" "Would you care to earn 9.2% on every purchase you make?" ... ..

What do you respond?

The second business model is called Dubli

partner Program

I'll mention only because otherwise you do not sleep tonight 

In practice Dubli recreates a ribrandizzato portal for companies and associations Nonprofit (not shown Dubli but the entity label).

In this way the organizations that have a large list of names but they can not monetize it, will offer turn-key service of DubLi hands of their contacts as well as having an advantage by purchasing the products at the best price will also get money back.

And that makes money the company or association? 30% cash back on all of its customers !!

DubLi Partner Program

And who has a Partner Program? Up 27.5% on the cash back to all customers

In practice you have to see the Partner Program as tens of thousands of customers in a single blow! 

The third business model involves network marketing, or find people who not only want to save money but want to earn saving other people.

With network marketing you have the opportunity to earn not only from customers but also from those you do the whole organization.

Try to think ... You can do more clients you work alone or in teams with other people (like they were franchises) where everyone does customer?

The answer is obvious and it is precisely by customers that can get you in the long run a REAL and HEALTHY passive income.

Want to Work Directly With ME?

and with the great and wonderful Team YES WE CAN ???


Why you should choose their own DubLi?

One of the most important features is that DubLi is a project that can stand even without the network marketing behind the market. 

For 90% of the other MLM that does not happen and if there was not selling "forced" products would not market. 
Another key variable is that with DubLi does not change people's habits. 

You do not bring little-known products that cost three times that that people find on the shelf at the supermarket, you must simply show "a smart way to save money when buying the iphone 

Even if he came out the product that gives eternal youth people continue to travel, buy shoes, phones, computers, clothes and food. 

DubLi will always be in fashion, given the upward trend of ecommerce.

DubLi and the Internet

DubLi allows us to make the 100% both online and offline.

With the means created by the company itself and by our team YES WE CAN we can literally make customers and employees all over the world.

Internet is our ally, and also the price war does not frighten us because the ride that wave.

Alas this is not true for many other network products.

Because? Now let me explain better.

Try doing a search on Ebay or Amazon and you will find many products marketed through network marketing that are literally sold out even less than half.

You understand that it is difficult to sell one thing to 100 when the same you find online to 30?

I also do not find it proper and ethical, but this is the reality


Why it works DubLi

The answer is simple: all people want to save money and 96% want to earn some extra money.

Do you know who makes the remaining 4%? 
Think ... .. 
  The Benefits That You'd Working With Me 

My goal is to help people earn and grow from the professional point of view.

I do not recruit "anyone" but companions with which to write an important history of the business.

But there's a problem… 
The most important piece of all this is you. 
There are no shortcuts. The elevator to success is always dead and you have to make the walk stairs 
If you are willing to give 100% you must know that in me there is the greatest ally. 
Now you write, I want to hear your voice and I want you can feel through my enthusiasm for the magnitude of what we are building. 
There is no success in one night, I do not. 
There do today what most people do not want to do to afford a tomorrow to do what we all would like to do but can not afford to do. 
And you which way would you like to stay?


This article was published on 19.07.2016 by Max Corazzina
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