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List Elevate provides Free leads from the work of others when they get leads

List Elevate provides Free leads from the work of others when they get leads.  

In a first of it's kind list building program, List Elevate will give you free leads to your email autoresponder campaigns (subscriber lists) when any leads you refer, also refer new leads.  Not only do they receive the leads in their campaign (Direct) though you also get shared that lead in your own personal campaign (Indirect).

This allows you both to follow up with leads and promote any programs or offers to them and can quickly build your leads on an exponential basis.

  List Elevate grows your leads list with the efforts of othersFor example, if you referred Tom and Sue to your offer with List Elevate and they each also referred 5 people (5 new subscribers on each of their personal Direct lists), then you would gain 10 new subscribes to your Indirect list as each of the 5 from both lists got shared with you.

Thus you are getting free leads from the work of other when they get leads doing work on their efforts.

Each leads your team generates gets shared with you in List Elevate

You can use List Elevate to promote any program that you work with, be it an MLM, or Multi Level Marketing (otherwise known as Network marketing) company or any other affiliate programs, software or platforms that you may promote.

In the first week since the launch of List Elevate I have received over 1000 free leads into my Indirect campaign which I can follow up with as many times as I would like on the programs that I am affiliate with as well as establishing a relationship where they can know, like and trust me.

Some tips/details for using List Elevate:

  1. You need to be a paying member (Currently $199/year or $25/month) and also drive traffic to your affiliate link to gain subscribers and potential customers (Earning a 25% commissions and 25% matching check bonus on anyone your referring member refers to LE)
  2. You need to send out email broadcasts to both your Direct campaign subscribers (the ones you referred) as well as your Indirect campaign subscribers (the ones your referrals shared with you when they did traffic)
  3. There are a lot of training videos in the members area on how to use each tool and learn how to message your list
  4. Share personal stories in your email and let people get to know, like and trust you over time.
  5. Understand that the majority of people will NEVER buy from you, though you can still make some great commissions over time (Some may buy weeks, months or years later from my personal experiences as I continue to email and stay in touch with them)
  6. Provide value in your email...not just spam based email only looking for the sell (or asking your subscribers to always buy something new or different in every mail)
  7. Send emails multiple times a week (possibly even two times a day if you can like in the morning and night)
  8. Always have a call to action (a live link they can click to take the next step) which should be a part of your content rich email (see #6 above)
  9. Don't be afraid to have fun in the process in your emails and promotions
  10. Never quit...those who refuse to quit are the ones to see success over time.

List Elevate provides you with lead capture pages and affiliate links which you can add tracking links to in order to know where your leads are coming from if you are using different traffic providers.

It also provides you with banners of various sizes in addition to written ad copy for your use in your blogs, social media posting or email campaigns.

You can learn more about how List Elevate works at

Author Information: Dave Gardner is a Top 10 All time income earner and Master Trainer with the Now Lifestyle family of marketing tools and business software which include email autoresponders, page builders, video and web hosting, webinar conference software and more.  Their new product List Elevate was launched to the public in February 2022.  

Dave Gardner of List Elevate and Now Lifestyle

This article was published on 04.03.2022 by Dave Gardner
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List Elevate - Lead Generation, 25 USD to join

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