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Hi, I just want to put down a few line about Life Tree World, As so many people I currently know are interested in finding out what Life Tree world is all about.

My Story; I was chatting to a friend at work and happen to mention that my family shopping bill was getting ridiculous, I mean every week it seems to get bigger and bigger, she then mentioned Lifetree World and asked me to have a look online and find out more.

I had some spare time, so I decided to check it out, this is what I found out;

At Lifetree World we have taken network marketing to new heights to which no other multi-level marketing company in the world can rival. The CEO’s have a total of 45 year’s experience in the largest MLM Company in the world, Amway, maintaining the highest (Diamond position) for the past 8 consecutive years. So these guys know what they’re doing in this industry. The MLM industry has produced more millionaires than the music, sports and movie industries respectively. The CEO’s have looked into the Network Marketing industry extensively and have discovered two fatal flaws, which are the main reasons why most people fail to make money in MLM’s. 

The first of which are; 

They struggle to acquire customers. In this new opportunity, you do not need to acquire a single customer. That’s right ZERO CUSTOMERS are required as all you need to do is just simply do your own personal household shopping. Nothing more. The company has already over 1500+ products and is rapidly increasing its way to 5000 and beyond. They do not just offer the same named brands of food and drinks that we’re all familiar with but they also have designer clothes along with electronics and perfumes. They are also in the process of introducing sportswear.

The second of which are; They cannot acquire referrals. 

The company have introduced a system, which is called LTW Automatic Tree. This is based on a binary structure where the company will automatically place people underneath you and you’ll become eligible to earn up to 10 levels from this automatic tree, after which there is a bonus and rewards system so you continue to get paid past level 10. To benefit from this you need to fulfil the minimum requirement of being active (generate £35 of profit every month, which is roughly £60-£100 of grocery shopping in a month only) and 2 personal referrals,  which we will provide you. You are also earn 2% from your own shopping profits and 7% from those you have directly referred every time they shop. Furthermore, the final income is based on the growth of your own personal team where you can achieve RESIDUAL BONUSES from £200-£50,000 per calendar month.

​There are no high sign up fees or any monthly subscriptions, just a £35 annual membership fee and that’s it!!! (This will be refunded by me if you do your shopping of 100pv on the same day you sign up.

So as you can see, it looks like a pretty good home based business with 0 RISK!!

I must say it is Network Marketin,and it might not be for everyone, LTW is growing fast and I think over the next couple of years they will become a major supermarket giant.

So with that in mind I joined, and all I can say is I simply love it, what a fantastic company and brilliant business idea. I simply help people save money on their weekly shop and on the flip side I also show them how to make money on their weekly shop as well, Its a great concept.

But Lets be honest here as well, It isn't perfect yet and there are a few teething/starting up problems going on, but as the company grows they will iron these out fast, the products are no different than I can buy from any of the 5 massive supermarkets, the prices are pretty much the same too if not a little cheaper, and I get paid to shop on their website. Massive win, win situation. 

Like I said I am a member and I am serious about helping others and helping you, you can email me direct (I don't bite), I will help you get started and help you enrol your first two team members and show you an super easy way to grow your team fast. For more information about Life Tree World ask me and I'll provide you more information.


Mobile 07765256425

Please contact as sign process requires IBO number. I would personally like to walk you through the process.

This article was published on 08.01.2016 by Mohammed Ali
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