*How it all started*

Brief history of the founder Mrs Luzviminda Mac Elvis

 She is from Philippine, one of the most poorest country in the world

Her parents were poor, they could not afford to send her to school, but always ask her to hawk banana to making a living for the family.

One lucky day she was hawking, and a foreigner from Japan saw her and asked her to come. Then asked for her parents, she asked the foreigner why are u asking for my parents? Do u want to buy banana? The foreigner said yes but take me to your parents, she was glad thinking she will sell all her banana finish on time.

When the foreigner met her parents, he asked them why Luz viminda was not in school? That don't the parents know that someone can take an undue advantage of the beautiful young lady.

The parents told him that they were poor and they could not afford to send her to school.

 The foreigner from Japan had compassion upon them,  and decide to take Luz viminda along with him to Japan and gave her Scholarship all through her University in Japan.

And also this man was sending money monthly to her parents in Philippine for their up keep.

 Thereafter, Luz viminda felt are favour was divine and God laid a burden in her in her heart to always help the less privileged because was able to go to school and be relevant in the society just by that help render to her by the foreigner from Japan.

 After graduating, working as an employee, she spend substantial part of her salary helping the orphans and widows

Gradually she established an  orphanage homes, helping the needy in Japan. And till today,  the administrative headquarters of helping hands international is in Japan.

After sometime, Hyundai motor Japan was supporting her orphanage with 5 million Yaun annually.

At a point Dr Ramiel Policarpio a dentist by profession met her. He loved the idea and decide to be part of the movement, he became her Co founder.

 And he said to her we can extend this to other countries of the world and get members who share the same vision and idealogy of helping one another little by little but who may not have enough resources to do it in a big way, we can give them an opportunity to be our partners and together we will change the world.

 Luz viminda gave Dr Ramiel Policarpio the opportunity to design and attractive strategy of reaching the whole world.

Dr Ramiel decides that every members who want to be a partner with Helping Hands should give a one time donation, to the help of the other less privileged.

He believed that the life of the members should also be touched while helping the less privileged too.

 He developed a compensation plan

 In which members or partners benefits in stages based on the level of members commitment.

Helping hands international was introduced to Nigeria in December 2013, by Dr Timothy Odeghe an optometrist, graduate of University of Benin, who met Dr Ramiel Policarpio at a conference in Japan. Dr Ramiel shared this great idea with Dr Timothy who was then the Secretary General of Benjamin Franklin foundation Nigeria.

Members are required to raise funds for the organization, in order to be able to provide more help to the less privileged.

This was broken down into into this simple assignment of asking each member who want to grow with the NGO to introduce 2 persons of their kind. Who can repeat what they have done. And as long as this process of duplication continue. Everyone get to benefit in return, the organization says for doing this we will reward you through our compensation plan. Gradually, you will be  growing with the NGO, u will be benefitting more as u progress.

The philosophy of helping hands international is that whatever we do for ourselves dies with us but whatever we do for others lives after us.


Once again you are welcome to my world of educating entrepreneurs who are in search for opportunities that are true, lasting, sustainable and most importantly highly profitable. Lets go straight to the point.


Personally I have a reputation to keep, online and offline, that’s the major reason before I joined HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL, I ensured I ask questions to be sure if H2i has at least THE 4 CRITERIAS of a SUSTAINABLE COMPANY, before risking my reputation.

I'm here to share these criterias with you


Who is behind a company matters a lot in the sustenance of that company.

Firstly, H2i is a foundation that has been existing for more than 7 to 8 years, all they have been doing is just carrying out charity work like- helping orphans, widows, physically challenged e.t.c.

And also assisting small nations that sometime engaged in war, natural disaster like earthquake, after everything they will assist them in their own little way and leave, and that is how it has been all the way.

In fact in 2012 when Nigeria was flooded, H2i came, they dropped money and left, until 2013 when they came back to Africa with this business plan that we have today

The point is, with this charity work, they were able to attract what we call international donors from world richest guys. When you hear Billgate, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump to mention a few, gives out money to foundation. H2i is part of the foundations and beneficiary of their donations. So even before the business started there was already money on ground to run and sustain it.

Secondly, H2i has four major partners- APPLE, HYUNDAI, GAC, &  HP. Lenovo, Diamond Bank and LG are the newest Corporate Sponsors on board that will kick off in September 2016.

No company of this magnitude will want to partner with them if they don’t believe in their vision to truly touch lives and empower people as they say, if not they will be risking their reputation also by partnering with H2i.

in fact Apple alone can back up H2i without stress, let alone joining with other companies.

In summary h2i is sustainably backed up by international Donors, Conglomerates and Government agencies around the world who believe in their vision.


A sustainable company coming up with a business plan like what we have in H2i should have been able to stand the test of time through their year of existence

Like we said before H2i has been existing for more than 7 to 8 years before they came to Africa with this business plan, so they have at least stood the test of time.


A sustainable company should be recognized globally.

Like we also said before, H2i gained their global recognition during those years of carrying out charity work in some nations around the world.

Prior to launching their website, which gave them a global footing; they have been a traditional offline organization, rendering charity services across the globe. Specifically in; Asia, Africa and Middle East. Last year alone, they toured over 6 countries of the world rendering charity and carrying out empowerment projects. They have executed projects in Philippine, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria and Cambodia and still counting.

With this they were able to gain global recognition.


H2i has a proven financial record before and after the business, at least with their charity record and even with what we have seen so far.

So far H2i has empowered thousands of Nigerians and Africans, skillfully. To cut the long story short, as am talking to you a lot of members have been trained skillfully, free of charge and are making serious money from the skill they learnt from H2i.

Also H2i has awarded 90 average Nigerians with brand new cars *including me*, over 100,000 Nigerians with ipads and Laptops and still counting.


Someone once said- The easiest way for an average Nigerian to drive a Brand New Car today is through Helping Hands International. Very TRUE


This article was published on 22.07.2016 by Samuel Blessing
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