What Is Ventureplugtraffic? is an exclusive revenue sharing advertising platform that will cater to the advertising needs of members to market their businesses or affiliate links on our website. They can purchase ad positions and continue to earn rebates every day until you max out.

Can members purchase other forms of advertising with us?

Members can purchase Login Ads, PPC Banners, PTC Advertisements, Text Ads and Banners Ads via the Advertisement page in their members area.

What do members receive for each Ad Credit Pack purchased?

Members will receive business directory credits for each Ad Credit Pack that they purchase. Members can use these business directory credits to promote their business or referral link. Our business directory is viewed by all members via our 'surf' feature.

Can members set up multiple accounts, refer themselves or refer family members?

Members can not set up multiple accounts or refer themselves but members can refer family members and earn referral commissions.

I can not log into my account?

Members can request lost login details via the link on the Members Login page.

Are we an investment opportunity?

No, we are not an investment opportunity as stated on our terms and conditions. You are purchasing Ad Credit Pack in our company that offer a legitimate advertising product which will drive traffic to your website or referral link. You may also receive profit-share but please note that this is depend upon sales conditions.

Is Ventureplugtraffic a worldwide opportunity?

Yes. We are a worldwide program. If you can use any of the payment processors that we offer, then you can join us.

Where can members find their personal referral links?

Members will find their Ventureplugtraffic referral link on the main members area page, plus along with a variety of banners and email copies on the 'Promo Tools' page in their members area.

Do members have to sponsor to get paid?

No. Members do not have to sponsor in anyone to earn profit-share.

However, members will earn a lot more if they do sponsor new members.

We pay 10% for Ad Credit Pack purchased from new personal referrals.

Can a FREE Member earn from us and request withdrawals?

Yes, free members can earn sponsor bonuses. To avail withdrawal request, you must purchase adpacks worth of $5.

What payment processors do we accept?

Members can use Paypal,Payza,Solidtrustpay,Perfectmoney to deposit and withdraw funds from their Ventureplugtraffic account.

Can we transfer funds between payment processors?

No. We suggest that you use an exchanger service who can process transfers from one payment processor into another

What is the minimum & maximum withdrawal amount?

Members can request a minimum withdrawal of $10 and maximum of $200.

Can members compound their earnings?

Yes. Members can repurchase using their cash balance to purchase more Ad Credit Packs.

If the repurchase feature automatic?

No. Members must repurchase manually.

Are ads automatically confirmed and added?

No. We check all ads submitted and verify them within 24hrs.

How do you surf daily?

Log into your members area and either click on the Surf icon or Text on your Main Members Area page, or you can click on the 'View Ads' link on the top Members Area menu.

Do members have to surf to earn profit share?

Yes. Members must log into their accounts daily and view Ten [10] website to be eligible for any profits received.

How do members know when they have viewed the ad correctly?

Once a member clicks on the banner from our members Business Directory, it will open up a new page which will show a 10 second countdown. Wait for this countdown to complete and it will show that you have been credited.

Then when you go back to your Members Area main page you will see the timer reset by 24hrs and the icon will go green.

You are not getting the timer to reset?

To reset the daily timer, members need to view 10 of our members Business Directory websites for the 10 seconds countdown. This will say once it has been completed correctly.

If you have done this, but the timer is not resetting, then please contact us with your account details so that we can log into your account to check.

You are not getting the 10 second countdown to show?

If you cannot see the 10 second countdown, first refresh the page and try again. If you still do not get it, then please try an alternative browser.

If after trying these, you still cannot get the countdown to show, then contact us with your account log in details so we can log in and check your account.

How to allocate or edit ads purchased?

To allocate Business Directory ad credits which come with Ad Credit Pack, click on the 'Business Directory Listing' page in the Members Areas Advertisement section. There members can add/edit/suspend or delete Business Directory ads.

How often do we process profit-share?

Profit-Share is distributed to all relevant positions every 30 minutes. We do not guarantee daily returns to all positions regardless of completing surf requirement as profit share is dependant upon sales conditions.

Can members earn profit-share without surfing?

Members can purchase surf-free plans which means that they do not have to surf any websites to be eligible for any applicable profit-share that we receive.

What happens if members cannot or forgot to surf?

The member will not receive any applicable profit-share for that day if received.

When Can I Withdraw?

You can withdraw from monday to friday only. And all withdraw will be process within 8 to 24 hours.

Can I advertise anything on Ventureplugtraffic?

It is our intention to provide a safe advertising/consumer network for our members. As such, the following types of advertisements/sites are expressly prohibited; High Yield Investment Program's or any other illegal investment schemes as defined by United States law. Illegal Pyramid Schemes as defined by United States law. Material Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Discriminatory Practices Hate / Violence Sites Pharmaceutical Sales Illegal Downloads/Warez Pornography or Sexually Themed Sites, Gambling, Scams of any sort, or misleading/false advertising.

I don't have a business to advertise, can I still make money with Ventureplugtraffic?

YES! We are set up to share real advertising profits to everyday folk and businesses.

Can I get a refund?

No Refunds Are Given Due To the Digital Nature of Our Products and services. The purchase of Ad Credit Packs are non-refundable per our Terms and Conditions. You are making a purchase of credits for use in the Ventureplugtraffic Traffic Exchange.

We share the revenue from your purchase with all members, so we cannot afford to offer refunds. The moment the payment enters our system, it is no longer 'your' money, and it certainly isn't 'our' money. It belongs to 100% ALL members because we shared those funds with EVERYBODY!

Is Ventureplugtraffic legal?

Yes, we are. We are paying commissions from actual purchases of advertising within our system. We are not paying a percentage... we are paying you commissions from other members who paid already. So the money is real. It is coming from the actual money received by the system. It is a traditional business model where you get paid from profits and not from money that will be received from future payments which is what a ponzi really is. Your commissions and the money in your account is real money, you can cash out anytime and get paid within 24 hours!

Do I need to pay taxes on my earnings?

You, the member of Ventureplugtraffic, are Responsible for any and all taxes and reporting of earnings to your local State and/or Government. Ventureplugtraffic takes no responsibility for collecting income and/or tax information for our members.

Is this MLM, Matrix, HYIP, Autosurfing, Investment site, Or Ponzi?

No! We sell advertising services, not "profits." We share profits with those who actively click ads in our traffic exchange "up to" a maximum, but we certainly do not hold any guarantees in the amount per day, week, month, year that you'll receive. We also do not guarantee that you'll ever reach the maximum, because sales might not be sufficient, plus you might not be actively clicking.

What is the service we're paying for?

It depends on what you need. You can choose from the following:

1. Business Directory Listing

2. PPC Banners

3. PTC Advertisements

4. Banners Advertisements

5. Text Ads

6. Login Ads

How do I change my surf time?

This depends on your usual time and whether you want to make your time earlier or later. Its easy to make your surf time earlier. Lets say you surf at 11PM and have had a change of schedule and would like to surf at 10AM instead. You can let the clock go red and simply miss out a couple of hours.

And then at 10AM tomorrow, click 10 surging ads. Since its a new day, the 10 will count and the timer will reset to countdown from 10AM.

Can I sponsor for extra cash?

Sure we have one of the best paying plans around. (Plus a huge bonus if you snag a big advertiser) Thousands!

Log in your back room for your sponsor URL link You get 10% of ALL direct referral purchases and also RE-PURCHASES!

Im broke can I stay a FREE member? can I sponsor?

Yes you can remain a FREE member and start making 10% from each direct referral purchase by referring people to use the advertising services on Ventureplugtraffic

This article was published on 07.08.2016 by Abbas Yassine
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