Get one FREE High Traffic Advertising Spot from DCNX-CONNECT for one Full Year.

Yes, get one free High Traffic and High Converting advertising sport for a whole year.

As if FREE was not good enough, this advertising spot is 100% free, but actually has a value of $1 from which you can earn money too for a whole year.

Welcome to DCNX-Connect, an innovative advertising and earning platform just launched to connect people of like mind to grow their businesses together.

When you sign up for DCNX-Connect, you get one (1) Ad Spot for Free, which is worth $1. You can then set up you Ad right away and it will be in the system getting you guaranteed views for a whole year.

Since your one (1) free Ad spot is worth $1, if you wish, you can earn money with that too, by viewing other members’ Ads. You Earn Money in 3 different cryptocurrencies for free, No sponsoring needed and the only qualification is that your watch other members Ads.

You earn Bitcoin, Ethereum and DCNX tokens (ERC20) from your Ad Spot.

To Earn every day from your $1 free ad spot for ONE FULL YEAR, all it takes is watch 10 Ads daily to qualify. Your FREE AD gets seen daily, irrespective whether you watch Ads of not. Watching Ads is only an option for you, if you want to earn additional income.

You Get your 1 Advertising Spot just for signing up, watch 10 ads daily, each ad for only 15 seconds each (takes 2,5 minutes) in order to earn for the next 24 hours.

You may then choose to purchase more Ad Spots in order to increase your daily earnings, or to set up other advertising to Promote your additional business(es) you may be part of.

Each additional Ad Spot costs only $1 and will last for 365 days, yes, ONE FULL YEAR.

Each Ad Spot gives you 1 year of earning + 1 year of advertising for your additional business(es).

You will get a great value in Advertising and Earnings back from every Ad Spot you purchase.

Limit of active Ad Spots per Member:

Bitcoin - Maximum 90 Ad Spots is allowed to purchase with BTC ($40)

Ethereum - Maximum 90 Ad Spots is allowed to purchase with ETH ($40)

Doncoin - Maximum 20 Ad Spots is allowed to purchase with DCNX ($20)

= Maximum 200 active Ad Spots is allowed right now ($200)

This limit will be raised very soon

It doesn't matter if you buy Ad Spots with BTC, ETH or DCNX, your daily earnings will spread out evenly across all Ad Spots.


Let's say you have 40 active BTC Ad Spots and 0 active in ETH and DCNX, you will still earn in all of the 3 currencies.

If the company sold 75% Ad Spots bought by BTC one day, then obviously you will earn more BTC that day compared to ETH and DCNX.

Referral Plan (totally optional)

You earn a generous 30% commissions of every Ad Spot purchased by your referrals.

This can really add up if you bring in some people with your referral link...and from the commissions, you can buy even more ad spots.

Click here now to check out DCNX-CONNECT details and if you wish, join today to receive your free ad spot for ONE FULL YEAR

This article was published on 01.09.2019 by Pete Ade
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