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What is Direct-Response Marketing?

I can sum up Direct Response Marketing with one word, and that word is “Curiosity”.

Now, don’t minimize the impact curiosity can have on your business because Curiosity IS your business.

Curiosity killed the cat but also made millionaires of 1,000's and 1,000's of people in the home based business industry.

A curiosity direct response marketer “Teases the Prospect.” and gets really good at doing that.

Ex: Hey Joe, I just met a guy who made over $9,000 in a just 30 days, with a program that costs under $100. You have to check this out. Go to my website: (Your .com Capture Page).

Here’s another tease: Hey Joe, if you knew for a fact that you could get paid 98 dollars multiple times a day, would you go take a look? (Your .com Capture Page)

Easy-to-start home business. This program is for everyone. Receive unlimited 98 dollar daily payments. Get all the details here: (Your .com Capture Page):

Secret 6 Figure Income method used by a burned out waiter living with 3 roommates. I know. I thought the same thing. Then I found out the truth and it changed my life too… (Your .com Capture Page):

All those things are SCAMS they said... Until they took 7 minutes to really look.... Holy Crap! This is ingenious and makes sense. Real Residual Income, Finally. I'm in! Find out more... (Your .com Capture Page):

****You will notice that these examples simply provide a little information to whet the prospects appetite and then provide a simple call to action which is your website. Once they go to your site and opt-in, all the details are explained for you with numerous calls-to-action to get them to join your team.

IMPORTANT: Don’t answer any questions. Always say this...

"Listen Joe, this is a very cool automated system and it does all the selling and telling for you. It does a much better job at explaining this than I can, believe me...Just go to my site and see it the way I did."

"See it the way I did"... is a very important phrase to get someone to actually go look at this.

Here's what you have setup for you:

1. We've supplied you with a Capture Page to promote 98Unlimited.

2. The form on that page will create your list so you can Follow-Up with your new prospects from your back office portal.

3. You NEED a place to see all your opt-ins and we give you a free back office for that very purpose.

4. Automated letters will follow up for you. (12 letters over 15 days that get results).


Your job is to simply and consistently promote your Capture Page. In our world, you can NEVER promote enough, and we have numerous ways to help you do just that. Some are FREE, and some COST You!


Let’s talk about exposing prospects, AKA - Driving Traffic.

Now, in order to do this, the first step is to figure out what method or methods you wish to employ. One thing to keep in mind is that the more 'qualified people' you expose to this offer, the more sales you will make, so don't try to help "Broke Mindsets". Broke people will assist in making you broke by stealing your valuable time and assets.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the sooner you start promoting 98Unlimited, the sooner you will experience the power of those Ongoing Residual $98 Payments.

This is the key to making money well beyond your own efforts, which is why we suggest you get your marketing underway ASAP!

Okay, so there are a few factors to consider when figuring out which direction you wish to progress with your marketing. The first thing to consider is that there are several proven types of advertising/marketing you can use to expose prospects to your business via the marketing system we have in place.

Each of these marketing methods fit into the category of either FREE or PAID advertising.

Now, the first direction most people naturally want to move in is to take advantage of any FREE marketing opportunities afforded them, so let’s cover them first and then we’ll move on to discussing paid methods and the advantage they have to offer.

Several free marketing methods you may want to try include social media, personal email contacts, Texting the contacts in your phone (You have a Gold Mine there),

Craigs List

Flyers that direct people to your Capture Page. Put on college corkboards.

Business Cards (Don't give any out - Become a collector so you can follow up with them)

Drop Cards (Use them a secondary way to promote. Drop them in boxes at Costco, drop them on the floor in any store. Put them in the centerfolds of business magazines in grocery stores. Hand them out as your business card, rather than a typical card)


LinkedIn, and good old word of mouth.

Proven Method To Deposit Multiple $98 Residual Income Directly To Your Favorite Account

Are you ready to start?

In order to succeed, one must DECIDE to succeed.

Now's the time.

We now have an "all access" trial membership for just $98.00.

This is where successful online marketers end up. Always.

Enter through this door to see more of what it is:

When ready, then go to:

Best Life To Come!

This article was published on 09.04.2022 by Ollie Canieso
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