Hello my name is Victor Kizzine; allow me to share a little about my professional back ground. Currently I’m servicing as executive management for the MTA TRANSIT AUTHORITY. I oversee a 2.5million dollar facility with over 200plus employees. As a young man I worked several jobs within my community, always had a dream to become a business owner. My dream was to retire my lovely wife and give my children a life that they would never have to worry about anything, at least financially.

I began to observe the industry of network marketing, As I came to understand what the system was capable of, I concluded it could become the vehicle to pave the way for me to have the finances to accomplish our dreams and goals in life. I have spent over two decades within the network marketing industry that has changed my entire life.

One of the main factors that intrigued me about the Direct Sales Industry was the fact that you can own a business with little or no overhead. Having experience in different businesses, the nearly non-existent overhead interested me because I knew how high the overhead could get, and how it gets in the way of being able to take home your own money.

 I believe we live in a very challenging economy that has many risks. People are so busy trying to make a living and barely keeping their nose above water. It’s sort of like the finance industry: individuals are force to take risk or lack the risk tolerance to participate within this global economy. By being an executive in corporate America I see how matters are worse today, individuals are faced with layoffs, downsizing, inflation, and various financial setbacks. I see the solution that may change their situation; we must first be open-minded to learning new ways of earning income by basic principal that is not widely understood. That principal is to earn profits over wages. One industry that is providing this wealth transfer is the Forex Industry. This is a $5.3 Trillion dollars a day earning industry and the biggest financial market today. I position himself into what the Forex Market are all about and when using the educational and software business platform of a company like IML, has proven to be a good move as I and other’s educate ourselves and work at changing the financial future of our family and invoking others to do the same. I challenge those who read this profile to inquire and investigate all the possibilities to partner with us as we partake on this incredible journey together that is life-changing.

My mission in life is:

To constantly grow myself to achieve God’s highest calling for my life. Make a positive impact in the lives of millions of people. Enjoy peak experiences and adventures around the world. Create a legacy of multi-generational love, success, wealth and good health contribution, and to be a hero to my wife, children and others.

This article was published on 12.09.2016 by Victor Kizzine
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Dustin Hinson Sounds like my own life lol. We have alot in common except your there and I'm just starting Victor...do you do mentoring   1 year ago

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