The story is a cracked pot

Dear Associates,

Now you may think that I decided to write about a crackpot. But I have decided to tell the story about a cracked pot.

You see in India there was a water bearer you had two pots. And he would carry them on the end of the long pole which he would carry on his neck and shoulder.

One pot was perfect and always performed the task for which it was made , but the other pot had a crack in it. And would only be half full at the end of it's long walk back from the stream.

Now the perfect pot was very proud of his accomplishments always bringing a full pot of water back to the master's house.

But the cracked pot felt ashamed because half the water would leak out, By the time they got back to the master's house.

So one day down at the stream. The cracked pot spoke to the water bearer.

Sir, I am sorry you do all this work but half of it is wasted because the water leaks out and I arrived back at the Masters house only half full. For this I'm very much ashamed!

The water bearer had mercy on the old cracked pot, and said "today as we go up the hill. I want you to notice the beautiful wildflowers growing on the side of the path."

And as they went up the hill. The old cracked pot felt a little happy seeing the flowers basking in the sunshine.

But as the water bearer arrived at the Masters house the old cracked pot still felt ashamed.

Because half its water had leaked out and it felt half useless. And it told the water bearer so.

Then the water bearer said to the crackpot. "Did you notice the beautiful flowers growing alongside the path.

as we came back from the stream?

And did you notice that the flowers are only growing on your side is a path?

That's because I've always known about your flaw, and I took advantage of it.

Every day as we walked up the path to the masters you've water those flowers,

WITHOUT, you being just the Way you are, we would not have these beautiful flowers to decorate the Masters table!"

We may think that we have some kind of flaw, but we can learn to use our flaws to our advantage!

We reach different people because we all have different flaws,that others with those same flaws can relate too!

Many times the only way I've learned something is by doing it every wrong way possible first !

My company Ad Rotator IEC is not a business as much as it is a movement.

Of movement of ordinary people learning how to do extraordinary things!

 Overcoming our flaws, and helping each other achieve a level of success.

 We have never experienced before!

This phenomenal training is priceless, and shows us our higher self. Achieving goals, we thought at first impossible!

It blows my mind! I am watching $67 (one time) turn into $67,000 before my very own eyes!

And you can join us to celebrate your mistakes, relish in your flaws,as we learn these priceless teachings, as we reach for what we once thought were impossible dreams!

Please come and visit my website and watch the video ,

All our dreams will come true !

Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James 503 919 5123

This article was published on 06.01.2016 by James Seal
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