I have done many networking businesses in multiple industries. This one is by far the easiest to get started and make money with. Everyone loves wine!!! Since it is easy to invite people to free wine tasting parties in nice locations in your town, it is a great opportunity to introduce your other business offering!!! We have done events in local restaurants, Las Vegas hot spot venues, other local businesses, and at some of our colleagues homes. We have had several events with over a 150 people attending. It is not hard to get people to show up for free wine. Your network (uplink and downline) all bring a few bottles of wine and BAM, instant wine party!!! Let's be honest, everyone needs to pay more attention to their health and wealth. However they are more likely to be attracted to a social and fun business that allows them to meet new people and drink great wine. I have been a professional in the wellness industry a majority of my career and am so glad I made the shift to something with less competition and less resistance. It truly is awesome!!!

This business is GENIUS!!! 


I am very fortunate to not only be working with the company leaders, but also some of the mlm industry's top producers!!! My friends in this industry are truly the types who have helped formed the businesses we are all so lucky to be a part of. They drive the ferrari with their company logo on the side, they have all reached the top levels of distributor rankings, they have honestly made the millions we all strive for. I would love to host not one of you, but all of you for an event in Las Vegas!!! If you have a small network or a large network, consider the proposition to engage in a business that is beyond lucrative and FUN!!! How would you like to have your next recruiting party in Las Vegas at the top of the Mandalay Bay or at a Vegas Mansion? How about a wine tasting party at an exotic car dealership? This is the reality my team has created and is ready to share with more of you. 

Call me if you have any industry questions, need any support, or just want to meet a new professional in this industry! (702) 715-7544

Let's meet soon!

Best Wishes, 


This article was published on 12.10.2016 by Shy Azoulay
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