Writing A One Page Business Plan

For a very very long time, I did not like writing personal or business plans. This was because every time I wanted to do it, I was reminded of my high school teacher telling me– “Dei, GO do your homework. Go write a business plan”.

Now here’s my dilemma;

Firstly, I did not know how to write a business plan and secondly, I did not really think it worked; I just didn’t think it was effective….

It wasn’t until I realized how to write up a personal plan that worked for me, and from then, I just could not wait to write up my personal plan for the following year.

So today, I am going to talk about 2 different types of personal plans:

1. The first one involves lots and lots of information. Dissecting, spending lots of hours and even days getting every single detail of your plan in place, hat you’ll read once per month.

2. From the details of the plan above, you will gather all the information, and taking the simple things that you need, creating a one-page personal plan. This is the one you’ll look at multiple times per day.

Prior to writing up a personal or business plan for 2019, ask yourself:

> what could I have done differently in the previous year?

>What can I change for the next?

Is there a trend you’re recognizing that you know is not working for you?

The truth is, when working on a personal or business plan for the next year, the most important data/year is the last year.

In order to predict the future, you have to study history (2018):

What went right?

 If 2018 was bad, gauge your next year on “what percentage of your goals became a reality?”

If less than 50% of your goals became a reality, then it tells you that either:

1. You didn’t put forward the best effort (or energy).

2. You didn’t have the best strategy.

Most times it’s EFFORT!

When you’re about to do a business plan, you simply cannot only look at the business itself. Think of everything that will affect it. For example, think of family/relationship issues. Did you know that a fight immediately before a business presentation can affect your delivery to prospective clients. Financial issues can also make business bad, because you’ll stress out, not having your finances in order. Health problems can affect your energy. Your spirituality will also affect your business. For each area:

Financial, Family, Business, Personal development, Health, Spiritual….

Categorize the “good, bad and ugly” about each, for the past year. What details can you gather from each section? Why didn’t relationships work? What changes can you make to your food consumption? Etc.

 After noting your mistakes from the previous year, if you can get past old habits that weren’t beneficial, then you can achieve. “heaven of business”. You must go through hell first (dropping old habits).

Again, for each category, write down new habits.


Financial: I want to save $3000 monthly.

Family: I want a girlfriend or a family.

Business: I need better systems, 7 salesmen, a sales leader, 2 assistants, a minimum gross or XYZ per year etc.

The one-page personal or business plan consists of your goals, while the detailed business plan consists of the “how to” for achieving each goal.

Give your one-page plan a title. Eg. 2019, the year of recreating myself, OR, the year of growth, OR, the year of expansion, explosion, etc. What does the year/the plan represent to you?


Write down each category, and for each, list 3 new habits and 3 new goals.

Examples of habits:

Track all my financial accounts on the 19th of every month……. Exercise 3 times per week.

Examples of goals: Weight of 190 lbs, 13% body fat…. Run a 26-mile marathon.

Revisit your detailed plan once per month. This is because the brain needs to constantly see the numbers. The one-page plan helps you to Review, Drive and Re-review. Review daily, Drive your initiatives and keep repeating the process. Treat it as if you’re learning the lyrics to a new song.

After creating the one page, decide what sacrifices you’re gonna make. What will you give up? TV, Drinking etc..?

 The more time you spend on

strategy (detailed plan), the better of a one page you can write.

Place the one page (laminated) somewhere where you’ll

always see it. Look at it every day, and intentionally pursue your goals and dreams in 2019.


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By: Dei-Rasi Freckleton

This article was published on 12.01.2019 by Dei-Rasi Freckleton
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