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Why is everyone so excited about the skinny body care opportunity?  Well, speaking from first hand experience, In my first 30 days with Skinny Body Care, I was promoted to the gold level. Why is that significant?   Because the average income at the gold level is approximately $1,100 per month (see chart image below).  That equates to over $12,000 per year.  This was achieved in 30 days.

How was I able to achieve this income in such a short period of time?  Very simple.  By promoting the company replicated lead capture pages.  The company knows that in order to succeed, all knew marketers must be able to be successful.  They make it very easy for you.

By promoting the company replicated lead capture pages, you do not need a website, or an autoresponder, or a list, or any online marketing experience at all.  You see, skinny body care makes it easy for new online marketers to succeed.  When you promote the company lead capture pages, they do all the follow up for you.  

The follow-up emails that skinny body care sends on your behalf are very powerful.  As a matter of fact, my entire sign-ups came from the follow-up emails from the company.  

In addition to making it very easy for new marketers, the compensation plan is amazing.  With an average payout to its members of more than 80% of total company revenue, new marketers are flocking to the skinny body care opportunity.  With weekly pay and monthly pay to its distributors, new marketers are finally making income online.  

How did I get involved in this opportunity?  I enrolled for free in a  company replicared skinny body care lead capture page, and sat back and checked my email inbox for the next 7 days.  That's it.  When I saw the power of the company follow-up, I was hooked.  I immediately upgraded to distributor and haven't looked back since.

When this 5-yr old debt-free company began using it's now famous "Powerline", the online explosion began to occur.  The "Powerline" is a way for new marketers to earn commissions before they even join.  Simply amazing and genius.  

In my first 30 days, I earned over $500 commissions, paid directly to  my bank account.  If you are looking for an online marketing home, you will find it at  Skinny Body Care.

Chris Ford

This article was published on 02.09.2016 by Chris Ford
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