The travel industry shake-up

Hi. My name is Naomi Medlin and I am a Travel Savings Ambassador (TSA) for iBuumerang.

iBuumerang is a technology company that specializes in travel. Travel is our starting plate. We are expanding and growing. GrowJo named us as Number 7 fastest growing new businesses in the world. WOW! With you onboard, we will only grow bigger and better. Why?

1. Multiple ways to earn income - This is always an important feature of any business. How much do I get paid? Well with iBuumerang, the answer is up to you. Your earning potential is through the roof.

2.  Customer Acquisitions - You have a choice to build a customer base and/or a team. Either way, you can grow a successful business.

3. Travel is just the beginning - Our executives are adding to our portfolio all the time. More opportunities are being put out there for customers to use. Each time your customer uses the platform, you can get paid. 

4. We learn from others' mistakes - Plenty of people and companies have gone before us (not like us) and have made mistakes. We are learning and growing from these to provide an experience no-one thought possible. 

5. Our Leadership is world-class - With Mr. Holton Buggs at the helm, we are changing the face of network marketing.

So, if you are with another company, great. I wish you all the best and look forward to watching your success. May I ask one thing of you, take a peek at our interactive video. No pressure to join. I am just so excited about it that I want to share it with everyone.  If in the end, you want to join, great. We can talk more. If not, then I'd love to have one board as a customer so you can experience a world of savings.

If you are not with a company right now, or you are looking for more, or maybe you have outgrown your current company then shoot me a message. I'd love to show you the interactive video too. If it something that appeals to you and your family then let's do it. If not, alls cool. I'd still love to have you as a customer so that you can save, save, save. 

I am not here just to grow a team. I am so excited by what we as customers can gain from being part of iBuumerang. I personally have used the platform for personal use and have been so impressed by the professionalism, the knowledge and the support given to me as a customer. If being a customer is fine for now, then I will set up with a bummerang (spelt correctly) so you start enjoying  and saving right away.

This article was published on 13.11.2019 by Naomi Medlin
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iBuumerang - travel services, 49.99 USD to join

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