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Faking it until you make it has hurt so many people, and has ruined so many reputations. People who have been hurt can't do anything else but continue to hurt other people and themselves in the process. 

The two biggest regrets remain the same as they always have. 

  1. The loss of time that you will never get back. 
  2. The loss of money that can be replace that you wish you never wasted in the first place. 

Success has always demanded and required authentic skills. And the truth is none of us were born with any skills whatsoever. We had to learn how to tie our shoes, make our bed, read and write. And that is a few among many of the things that we have to learn in order to sustain our life. 

Business is no different. Due to that fact and people continuing to ignore all of the associated facts is the reason why about only 1% succeed. While the 1% buckled down to learn the other 99% ran of the "that was easy button" that doesn't even exist except only for those who work at staples or use their service. 

It is so much easier to jump to something else instead of dealing with that real issue. And there are only two issues that make or break your success. What is sad is its the same things that have been plaguing you for years. 

  1. Most likely you have a will issue. You're just simply not willing to do any of the challenging and tedious things that appear hard to do. Which in fact necessary for your success to go from possible to reality. This list of things you're not willing to do is endless it would take me several hours to get through them all. 
  2. Most likely you have a skill issue. You can't produce results so you're prone to blame the company, the opportunity, the products, the service or whatever you can to shift the blame off where it should be and that is you. 
  3. Both chances are you suffer from both skill issues and will issues. Because you're not willing to learn the skills and execute what is necessary.
Ask yourself how long have you been in the home business space? How many opportunities and programs have you been in? And do you currently have both time and financial freedom at the same time? 

If you will be honest with yourself you're going to do two things. 

  1. You're going to take inventory of where you've been and where you currently are. 
  2. You're going to make changes. 
Perhaps maybe you need to start over! Everyone else wants to sell you something without giving you anything of value in exchange. 

I want to give you value in exchange for absolutely nothing. Something that very few are willing to do. I want to give you a way out of the struggle. I want to start from the beginning and teach you everything you missed along the way because hype, nonsense, and deception has obstructed your ability to absorb the information you needed to get where you ultimately wanted. 

You ended up on the wrong path and you know you have that is why your current situation is what it is from an online business perspective. I want to get you off that complicated path and get you on to my simple path to success 

Not only to I want to introduce but I want to welcome you to your one stop shop distraction free zone to unlimited education until I fall over dead or until the internet breaks whichever comes first.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE FOR FREE ACCESS 

This article was published on 19.09.2023 by Christopher Jerrod Wright
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