I want to introduce you to unique platform called "CROWDRISING".(CR) 

Crowdrising is a global platform for "peer to peer" donations. 

CR is a 0% Risk Online cooperative kind of business. It can be said to be peer to peer business which can generate large sum of money to your bank account in few months.

İt is the kind of business we call "Great Men See Opportunities Where Others See Excuses"

It started in Canada got into Nigeria recently and it has made many millionaires in Nigeria already.

This is not MLM or Pyramid scheme,far more better!

You join with $20 (7,400 Naira) and that is the only money that will come from your pocket ever.

To register you need to go through The person that introduce you via his or link to form a great team and to guide and support you in the business.

Once you have registered through the referral CR link will have to add your bank details and upgrade to grade 1

By making payment of 7400naira (20$) to Ur upline's bank account or cash wallet (that is shown on your back office)

Then You become A full Member with a referral link that will enable you to refer others and receive unlimited cash donations of 20 dollars.

You are expected to introduce 5 persons to Join your team Who are to pay 20 dollars, #7400, each to your Account which will be 100 dollars (#37,000). That Money Is Entirely Yours.

Read Down Attentively 

Once 5 people Register After you,You will earn a total sum of 100 dollars. 

Then u are expected to take $40, from the $100 and upgraded to grade 2. 

Details of who to pay to will be indicated in your back office. 

Once you upgrade to grade 2, u are qualified to receive $40 each from 25 persons That Joins After you Immediately after their Grade 1, as long as you and your team are working)

Which will sum up to $1,000.

From that u are expected to take $60 from the money to upgrade to grade 3

Once you upgrade to grade 3, u are qualified to receive $60 each from 125 persons That Joins After You as long as you and your team are working Which Will Sum up To $7,500 That Is a Small Amount Compared To What is Ahead. 

That is how it goes till u get to grade 15.  

Go through this to understand what you stand to gain by joining this great business opportunity.

Its True That The Nigerian Economy is Harsh Currently,So They Say Anyway!!!! But What are You Doing Abt it.....?

Do You Know that In Every Supposed difficulty there is an Opportunity to Smile

Do you wish to expand your Dreams to Reality? Go to the web link below..

Sign up here

Let us rise together


whatsapp: +2348029208444


skype: ajayishola1

This article was published on 14.10.2016 by Shola Ajayi
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