Affiliate VS Your Own - The You Brand

Affiliate VS Your Own -

The You Brand.

There's a lot more to this than meets the eye. Understand that you're not going out plastering how much you earn and how successful you are all over your sales letters. Although this can indeed be very powerful, when you're just starting out something a lot more powerful is going on here. You're going to these marketers and offering them your product for free, and higher commissions and in return you're getting a whole lot more than just some quick cash.

The messages they're sending to their own personal and private list that you wouldn't have had the opportunity to reach promoting affiliate programs on their own, are telling their subscribers, that trust the reputable list owner that your product is good. They're saying 'look at this great product, buy it' and subscribers will listen. Suddenly you find you're getting endorsements from well-known and trusted marketers. This far more powerful than any initial sales you might make.

Having other people build your brand for you, telling the people that trust them to not only buy your product but to trust you too eliminating some of the biggest problems that arise in customers minds before they even hit the sales letter. "How do I know I can trust this person?” It's safe to say, once you've answered that questions initially, you won't have to do it again unless you happen to break that trust with bad moves further down the line.

One heck of a powerful tactic that's going to benefit you right now, and in the future. No single five thousand dollar sale is as valuable as being trusted. People will tell other people about you; the word will get around, and when word of mouth starts happen like this in a positive way, it can only be good for you, your business and your profits.

If you had any doubts that you wanted to create your own product, I'm going to guess they're starting to evaporate into thin air. There’s more though. Now I want to talk about the kind of things that are happening aside from initial profits and the building of the 'you brand'.

Stay in touch, as tomorrow I will be back with this series and will be sharing about building your own buyers list for profits with your own product and how you can use your affiliates to maximize your own business.

Best Regards

Bruno Duarte

This article was published on 26.01.2016 by Bruno Duarte
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