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I do not know if you have heard of or if you are participating in Crowd Rising? If not, I invite you to have a good look at this. I have joined and it is low cost/ low risk with potential extremely high returns. It is good to have fun whilst making money. I was shocked at the results within few hours after paying and i invited 5 friends i started receiving payments in my bank account.  I am hereby inviting you to join and benefit too, we all know atleast 5 people.

You need five people who are computer-literate, and that are willing to spend R300 in order to improve their lives? All that is needed from you is a once off payment of R 300 to a member after you have signed up and set your account up.


Basically, Crowd Rising requires a once off sending of R 300.00 and after doing a few things, will bring you R 1,500, utilizing 5 people below you. You then spend R 600 from your profit leaving you with R 900 net to  upgrade to level 2 at which time 25 people will each send you R 600 = R 15,000. You then spend R 900 leaving you with a net R 14,100 to upgrade to level 3 and send R 900 to one person. Thereafter 125 people send you R900 = R 112,500 etc. It continues as such to level 15, always using your same 5 people.

Each person should have computer and internet access as money is based on peer donations from person to person with confirmations etc. You can have your monies sent to your bank account, bitcoin wallet and or payer such as Payza and you should register all such accounts.

The last couple of days have been extremely exciting for our CrowdRising team. We've seen members upgrading to level 5 with members earning over R62,400 in 18 days and pushed their potential earnings to over R9,8million. Through your registration  you are well on your way to achieving similar results.

The key for you to achieve similar results is for you to continually upgrade to the next stage as money comes into your account from your Downline. It is extremely important that you continue at all times to assist and guide your downline to get then going and specifically, to encourage and trigger them to upgrade to the next stage, from whatever stage they are. Don't miss this opportunity  click on MY REFERAL LINK , to register

This article was published on 23.07.2016 by licia Motsepe
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