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I am Terenzia Morgan

I am a web designer virtual Assistant and an Internet marketer. 

I invite you to evaluate a unique MLM home based business opportunity for your self improvement, education and financial independence.

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This presentation is aimed at any one interested in joining a Cryptocurrency business and how to benefit from this digital money

Please note that in this MLM (multi level marketing) business you can find your prospects both on line and off line. You can then run your business online. 

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A Revolutionary Product is Here, digital economy = digital currency

Learn, Earn and Own (LEO) is a Cryptocurrency developed by the LEOcoin Foundation, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Its head office is based in Oxford UK.

This digital currency allows fast and secure decentralised peer to peer transactions using computers of individuals who are part of the network. There are no banks involved and hence no transfer fees. No individual or organisation can interfere with it. 

Product and services 

At LEO we offer an innovative and creative approach to learning with multilingual products for flexible, hands-on learning. 

1. E learning – Select topic of interest from available topics 

2. E tutoring – coaching so you can strive 

3. Live seminar – Paid for both and travel expenses

4. Technology Products

I year Mining service

1 month mining services

(You can choose to rent a mining service for one full 1 year and get 80 LEO coins every month or you can choose lease on a month by month bases and get 80 LEO coin each active month).

Important facts to know about LEO

LEO is licensed according to European quality requirements 

It can be transferred from person to person online without any central body controlling transactions

The integrity of each transaction is maintained by being recorded in a transparent public ledger kept on every computer in the LEO coin network

No banks taking charge means that fees are much lower than paying in the traditional way

It's in built security keep the user's identity anonymous 

It is becoming the currency of choice for the 1,000 people in the 120 countries who are in the LEO network and is getting bigger by the day

Fiat money/currencies are created by the bank whenever they want and whatever quantity they want. This causes inflation and devalues the currency

LEO coin is different, LEO coins are created by efforts of individual computers that verifies each LEO coin transactions. This process is called mining

Computer solve very complex cryptographic formulae and as a result a random participating computer receives roughly 20 LEO coins every minute

There is no limit as to how many dollars there are and that is why our money is losing value 

LEO coin have finite supply. LEO protocol set this to 1 billion. At the speed of 20 LEO coin per minute it will take 100 years to mine them all

 What makes it so great

When you use LEO currency you have absolute privacy 

LEO currency is more secure than credit cards because encrypted signature is kept in your digital wallet. No one can steal your information or personal details 

Sending LEO coins is as simple as sending an email

There are a number of merchants across the world that are accepting LEO coin as method of payment for products or services

You can use them everywhere in the world instantly

Banks no longer hold your money and when you make a payment the fees are much lower because no bank is involved

Thousands of people are becoming members of the LEO network every week and they are able to receive rewards for supporting the LEO coin community

Through LEO coin everyone has access to a safe, secure and user friendly way to spend their money

Great things are already happening. An increasing number of businesses are recognising Cryptocurrency as an alternative method of payment. People are using the currency to pay rent, tuition fees, buy books from Amazon, buy holiday from Expedia, even cars and houses. Some even get their salaries in Cryptocurrency. 

And there is no reason why it should stop there. You can get LEO coin not only through mining but also by participating in the LEO community, or buying from the merchant programme or exchanges such as LEO

You keep your digital LEO coins in your wallet in your computer or on your mobile device. Readily available for you 24/7 

Once you have coins you can instantly send money to family and friends anywhere in the world and buy goods and services.

Very reasonably priced.  

Building a customer base

With the enlisted LEO great many entrepreneurs involved in this business would become successful and attract potential entrepreneurs in the business. It is there expected LEO to experience a high growth rate in the coming years.

LEO is:

The successor of Bitcon which is the first Cryptocurrency in the world. This means that it is a new market in the digital industry and market. A very lucrative business to invest in and benefit from.

Well financed by investors 

This means ---

Perfect timing for you to join and earn!!! 

Click here to get started

This article was published on 13.09.2016 by Terenzia Morgan
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