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I want to be rich fast! How many times have I heard that?

I want to be rich fast!

In reality what many of my friends really want to know is what is the best way to get rich fast without doing anything at all?

It is hard to tell them what the reality is. The fact is, the big names in the world of the most successful did not become millionaires over night. Consider Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, all started with a dream. However, the key factor with all of them is that they took action. Now, I am sure that their actions were not always the right ones, but most worked very hard. This allowed their businesses to grow and for them to become successful.


An expression I tell most of my prospects looking to work with me is that, to become successful, "work is required".

Yes, work is required!

There is no alternatives or quick fixes to your journey to success. However having a system that works will aim you in the right direction. Having a system means having the structure and the daily actions that will take you towards success.

The main issue I have found with people new to the running a network marketing business is their lack of action. And this is not really the beginners fault. For example, if their enroller says to a new team member in their network marketing business, "you need to take action". The answer is normally, "what action? what do I need to do?" Of course, if they are new to the industry they have no idea where and how to start. So, the idea of taken action become quite abstract, when it needs to be concrete and logical.

So, having a structured system that allows a new distributor to build a business it vital.

But, why is it important?

Having a structured system gives the entrepreneurs the daily steps and tasks that keep them on track. If an network marketing leader can share with their team a system that allows them to take action, it also gives them the goals and the plan. It is them about the individual having the mindset to work on it everyday.

  • Taken action: A structured system gives the newbie the opportunity to take action
  • Setting goals: Steps and tasks offer optional goals, depending on the motivation of the beginner
  • Making a plan: The structure of the system is the plan
  • Working on it everyday: As mentioned, work is required and daily actions are needed, but finally that is down to the time management and motivation of the new distributor

Traditional network marketing system

The normal starting point for many MLM leaders is to ask their new member to create a contact list. Or as some may say, the dreaded contact list. The contact list should contain everyone a new member knows such as family and friend. And here lays the problem. The second we ask a new member to contact family and friend they shut down and offer lip service for the rest of the conversation. 

Even though I am not personally in favor of this method is to suggest asking a new team member to reach out to "people they know and people they don't know yet". This sound a lot softer than asking family and friends. Nevertheless, this method of building a business in the age of the internet seems unnecessary when there is so many alternatives. 

What is the solution?

Avoiding the friends and family trap all together and suggest they build their business online. Yes, work is still required and maybe even more work and a learning curve. However, the internet will give the marketer such a big reach that will not understand why they hadn't tried using the internet before.

What are the benefits of running a network marketing business online?

There are many advantages to the online method, over the traditional method of sharing products and services with family and friends.

Such as:

  • A global audience
  • Global working
  • No commuting
  • No fuel costs
  • Sharing with the world 24 / 7
  • Offer your internet marketing system with your team (duplication)
  • No need to speak to family and friends unless you really want to

In addition, there are over 4.66 billion possible customers online, which is about 59.5 percent of the planet. So, looking for someone to buy your products and start a business from home is a matter of reaching out. The only problem is how to get prospects and customers to look at your website, blog, video or social media page online and then buy your products, service or join your opportunity.

So, what are the steps to becoming rich and successful online in network marketing?

Like any business a having plan and daily actions is vital.

What does that mean?

If a network marketer takes action in there business they will succeed. However, many want to take action, but don't know what actions to take.

The solution is to offer a system that give the network marketer the steps and daily tasks so they can succeed.

The type of steps your should be working on is:

  • Finding your niche
  • Create your MLM blog
  • Understanding SEO
  • Writing your first article
  • Keyword planning
  • Optimizing your article
  • Using an autoreply service
  • Registering your blog
  • Adding your blogs sitemap to search engines
  • Branding on Social Media
  • Sharing your content
  • Using RSS feeds for sharing
  • SEO audit and reporting
  • Checking your blogs ranking


If you would like to learn more about a marketing system that works and the best way to get rich fast, check out my eBook, "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing". This eBook will allow you to build a business online by using actions and a system that really works.


This article was published on 09.08.2021 by Steven Jackson
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