Say GoodBye to Autoships, Sign up Fees, and Monthly Fees. Say Hello To Enagic

That is exactly right. There is no gimmick here.

In Enagic there is no such thing as an auto-ship or monthly fee, no starter packages and no need to pay more money or "upgrade" to receive higher commissions. 

Once You Are In Enagic - You Are In It For LIFE. 

There are two options to get into this business:

  1. Invest in the Enagic health technology with a one time purchase ( not required to re-purchase month after month) Start gaining more energy and better health - share your results with others, and get paid.
  2. Find others to invest in it and get paid. (Although its always easier to sell what your own and believe in - this option works best for people who have no money to get started but who have the desire and drive to start making money right away)

If you have to choose the second option because your funds are limited then that is completely fine, sometimes we must sell before we can buy. All it will take is for you to make 1 sale and you will be given a distributor ID that will officially put you into the business. 

How My Friend Made Money With Enagic - Without Spending Money 

One of my good friends once referred someone to me and that person who he referred ended up buying a machine from Enagic. So my friend who made the referral got a nice thank you cheque for doing so.

This new person who he referred to me ended up going out and selling 30 more machines! So my friend the referrer also got 30 more cheques!! Not bad for only ever referring 1 person. All of these thank you cheques allowed my friend to get his own machine for FREE.

I have never heard of any other network marketing company that will pay someone a cheque when that person has NOT bought any product from that MLM or network marketing company. Most companies will do the exact opposite and require members to purchase new product - month after month and year after year.

With Enagic, that is not the case!

Enagic Business Model And Product (Technology)

Our business model with Enagic is patented and highly unique. I have seen many other compensation plans before and have yet to see anything like this. 

You may be wondering what the Enagic product is all about and what I mean when I am talking about "machines"

In Enagic we sell medical grade water technology or devices, also referred to as "machines" , we do not sell consumable products and the health technology we sell is built to last a lifetime . These machines are not the only product that Enagic has but they are the most popular!

One of the best parts about selling these machines is that you can make up to $2720 per machine sale. That is almost $3000 dollars for 1 sale!

Imagine a business where your customer is able to finance one of these life changing machines for $0 down and a low monthly payment of around $60-$130 dollars per month and then when they do so, you get a cheque sent out the next day for up to $2720.

Does a business like that make sense to you?

The Next Step For You

Check out My Healthy Water Youtube Channel to see what these machines are all about, see if this is a product that you see other people wanting ( So you can sell it! )

To get more information from me on this opportunity and how the business side of everything works take a moment and go to my website >>>Best Network Marketing Company And Compensation Plan

Thanks for taking the time to read about my business and opportunity with Enagic - I look forward to hearing from you and working on this amazing opportunity together.

Lets change some lives!!

Duncan Fraser

This article was published on 24.02.2016 by Duncan Fraser
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Enagic - Medical Water Device, 30 USD to join

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