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Hi guys,

put your hands up if you know facebook, if you know uber, if you know spotify. Why do i ask. do you know what this companies are doing? Just take uber - the biggest taxicompany in the world - they don ´t own only one taxi, they just bring drivers and passengers together with an app. Spotify links musicians with customers and facebook links your data to companies which have probably a product fitting to your interests. 

With your knowledge of today about these companies, would you be one of the owners, if you have had the chance?

You don ´t need the answer the question. I know everyone would be the owner of such an app. But none of us had the idea or the connection to be part of such an amazing chance.

What do you think are the biggest online businesses right now - all over the world?

Let me help you - gaming and gambling. 

Now what do you need to play online games or to bet on a sports event anywhere in the world. 

„Your smartphone“

 - don ´t worry, i don ´t want you to play some games or to bet on something.

Can you name only one county in the world where it is impossible to use an smartphone online?

I can ´t.

What would you think, if i tell you that all the smartphones in the world are your future market?

Look around. The person next to you - what do you think has she or he ever played any smartphone game?

I don ´t know many people not doing this in freetime. And this is the answer - all those people are your future market.

Let me show you a short video which will explain how you could be a part of a company doing the same like the 3 companies named above - link customers to products and products to customers.

Have you ever heard about this one big chance in your lifetime? 

Here it is - you only need to take it.

Enjoy the short video.

I ´m looking forward to be connected with you.

Best regards Marcus
This article was published on 25.03.2020 by Ma Lo
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