7 Reasons You Should Be Saving Physical Gold Now!

The problem that most people make is that they save their money in man made currencies,

Man made currencies i.e. "fiat currencies" can easily be manipulated,via confiscation,or even "frozen".

It basically can be created out of thin air.Hate to preach here, but in The United States Of  America the saving of money is  at an all time low. According to The Bureau of Economic analysis, the average American puts less than 5% of his or her disposable income toward savings, an amount that many financial advisors say isn’t enough to ensure a comfortable retirement.

  You should be saving in silver,gold palladium,or platinum.

7 reason why I like gold

* Gold is Lawsuit Proof

Gold is off the books------it's a private matter. And if you join our business, you can leave it offshore.

*Gold is Historically Money

It's value is global, no matter how old it is or where it was mined.

Dollars{fiat money} might not be recognized globally,as some currencies have zeroed out already.

* Gold can't go to zero {it's God's money-----HELLO!}  never has and never will!

*Central Banks are hoarding it like crazy. This should get your attention.

Central Banks settle debt with rectangle gold like we have, Not silver,real estate or oil.

*Gold is financial Insurance. It will not zero out 

* It's portable.  $200,000 worth of gold is about a VHS tape size. Use it when you wish.

With your bank you will need to give  a 72 hour notice in order to get any dollar amount over $5,000.

And if every bank customer wanted to get their money out all at once, they couldn't.

Banks loan out your $1.00 9 times. so if you all rushed in to with draw------ you can't.

With gold-----not so much.

* Legacy of Wealth

A good man leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren, but the sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous. International Standard Version  ... Proverbs 3-22

You can pull this off with gold much better than you can with a fickle dollar bill. The  president of our organization, Harold Seitz recognized in 2008's financial meltdown that the people who had gold went unscaved. So he created a platform where everyone can buy gold in affordable amounts.

Here's how we accomplish acquiring Free gold and making a 6--7 figured income that we can put back into gold. Click http://therealmoney.info  call me and leave a message here,I will call you back.


Wendell Wilkins

This article was published on 24.02.2016 by Wendell Wilkins
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