Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. How many success stories have you heard from people who have successful made waves in network marketing? I know you most times think these stories are all made up or maybe these guys and ladies are some sort of gurus and have had some sort of professional trainings that is causing them to have so much success! Now here's the logic whenever you're not prepared to take a risk you automatically have resigned yourself to a life of stagnation and mediocrity. Why am I saying all these stuff? because i have realized that people have so many things to complain about even when they have not tried anything. Okay yes! you've tried a few and failed so what? you're not the first to fail and you sure won't be the last. This is the bone of my concerns;  I hear people looking for work all the time and then you suggest to them, hey! I have an opportunity I want to introduce to you and they respond, I hope its not networking? For crying out loud you want a work but the work becomes too difficult when it's networking.

Analysis; every time you have a nice hair do you point them to your stylist - no referral bonus or anything compensation

Any time you wear a nice dress you point them to your tailor or boutique - no referrals or compensation bonus.

When you see a nice movie - you tell your friends and family members - no referral bonus or compensation.

Everyone of us knowingly or unknowingly have been involved in network marketing without pay and when we're told to get paid to refer people to a product or service that works we all of a sudden realize we're not cut out for networking.

My message - the earlier you realize how much money the network market has to offer and plunge in, the more financially secure you become because; take it or leave it paid employment is failing and only those of us who believe in our ability to market will survive the failing economy. Remember, you can never be broke when you know how to sell and have what to sell.

There are countless opportunities on the Internet and everyday we sit before our systems to browse or use our phones to chat, someone somewhere is earning and we? we don't even know it. What do you really have to loose by investing a little money to something that works? You're probably asking how do i know it works? make your research and don't just stop there be determined to change your situation and story and in-turn change the lives of others. See you at the top!

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This article was published on 15.06.2016 by Ruth Essien
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Alvin Wong Well quoted! Love it!  1 year ago
Gbedemah George you have just made a good point,love this article   1 year ago

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