23 Year-old Company Gives Birth to New MLM

Sooner of later we all have to face the music...what music you may be asking, right? Its an idiom that really means we will all have to face the consequences of our own actions. Yikes!

I've heard a LOT of music in my time. Success for me it took years of stumbling and bumbling past it, around it and finally I was lead right to it. But you are smarter than me and most others, because you can see your future with clarity, right? If not, read on. The rest of you can move on to the next announcement. 

Seriously, we are 23 years old and we will be launching our first MLM in the next 90 days. Big deal...yes, it can be for the right people. Can't wait, see our courses here?

We offer financial education to a world in need. Most of us got so little real world training in school and, please forgive me, but at home as well. I know that is true for me. So what I learned all those years ago was this: "if it is to be, it is up to me." In other words, if I want something to happen, I must take control of my own future.

  Remember Jim Rohn? He famously said and I followed this advice; "formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune." We cannot say what a fortune looked like to Jim, so please do not misconstrue this quote. A fortune to some is the ability to keep food on the table, a good car in the driveway and so on. You decide what your fortune will be and we are here to help. 

We are leaders in "self-education." More than 700,000* people have participated in one of our courses/previews, representing more than 120 countries. Why? Because what we teach can work for those who will take ACTION to make it so. Ever buy a course from some TV program after midnight, hoping it was "the one that changes" it all? You are not alone, but for most of us, we cannot "go it alone."

You can see our courses, test drive a little of them, learn about financial markets, currencies, real estate, entrepreneurship and business, or you can do nothing and just keep waiting. 

Our pay plan is designed to payout up to 60% at the top end and starts out at 30%...so what right? Our courses a package to help you leverage your relationships and earn big. How big you ask? Let's take a package we call "Real Estate Breakthrough," this package includes 3 of our most important foundational courses and 1 annual subscription to ongoing on demand training. Retail price is $5190, Package price $2997, payout total $1798**. 

We are looking for our first level of field leadership, but if you do not possess honesty, integrity, a strong work effort, we before me mentality, team building, communication skills, no need to go any further. BUT, if this describes you, let's talk. 

Hey, I just thought of one last thing before I let you go; our top position is slated as a foundational trust to help enrich the lives of under-privileged citizens on the world. Pretty cool huh? As you learn, share and share, you are helping others you may never meet. AND let me assure you that our field will have input on how these dollars are allocated. That fires me up!

So much more to say, so let's talk,

Kevin Young
Director of Operations | Elite Legacy Marketing 

 PS: If you go to our current website you will not find the updated courses or the new pay plan, those are not finalized yet, so think ground-floor. 

PPS: Be sure to ask me how you can get a free copy of our best selling course: "The One In a Million 10-Week Challenge."   

Legal Stuff: * this number represents the individuals that have attended in person, on line, on a webinar and is not intended to be the actual number of students who have purchased our courses, although it is a very significant number. **Our pay plan is in the testing and approval stage, these numbers may not be representative of our actual payout, but they will be close. 

This article was published on 20.09.2016 by Kevin B. Young
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