What If You Had The Product Everyone Needs ?

Make money with Flavon

Do you want financial freedom ?

Are you fed up with working for someone else ?

Are you ready to be your own boss ?

Do you think it`s time you got paid what you are worth ?

If so, you may be our new independent distributor, you got to be part of this!

If you are ambitious and have great work ethic and a strong desire to succeed, then this business opportunity could be the best for you.

We are searching for partners, who like dealing with people and have leadership skills.


What if I told we have product everyone needs ?

We have great dietary product and the perfect marketing strategy that has been working for 10 years. And what you’ll need for these is your decision to make positive changes in your life.

We are already known in some parts ok the UK, Florida, Poland, and Hungary. And now we are looking for new distributors all over the UK.

What you will be doing:

• Building up, running and maintaining your own sales group

• Prepairing and running product presentations

• Keep in touch with the management

Why it is a good opportunity for you:

• The company gives you a stable business background

• You can work from home in flexible working hours

• It is only up to you how much money you will make

• Innovative product

Requirements that make you the best candidate:

• Experience in Direct Sales Marketing

• Good communication skills

• Computer literacy

• Result-orientation

• Reliability

• Determination


All over the UK and US

If you are interested please use the link below


or call or text Artur on 077 265 832 84 (UK)  0044 77 265 832 84 (rest of the world)

And below you can find a lttle bit about the product

What is Flavon ?

Flavon is a natural , legal,  100% safe and tested dietary supplement which harnesses the power of between 7 and 11 combinations of fruits or vegetables in a jar. Each jar is equivalent to 40 kilograms of fruit or vegetables !

Why do we need it ?

Life is very stressful these days. Apart from the stresses of our working life, our bodies also have to cope with environmental stresses such as pollution of the air, water and soil from which we get our food. Added to this may be bad habits such as drinking alcohol, caffeine and smoking . Our body needs help to overcome these negative effects but this is not simple. For example. our modern lifestyle makes it very difficult to eat a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables each day.

Even if we had enough time to eat the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, many other factors can limit the amount of active nutrients our bodies can absorb:

    1.First – the quality of fruits and vegatables is not the same as 30 – 40 years ago
    2.Second – some of us have problems with digesting fibre, which fruits and vegetables contain
    3.Third – even if we try to make a juice of them it would be much time consuming


Flavon is a supplement of the highest quality ( Grand Gold Award at  The Monde Selection 2012)

A highly concentrated and pure extract is obtained through a rigorous cold pressing laboratory process to ensure maximum potency of the final product. Flavon products contain no preservatives. Each combination pack of 4 Flavon jars provides your body with a full spectrum of nutrients  ( bioflavinoids and antioxidants) to combat the harmful effects of free radicals. These essential nutrients help optimize our cellular metabolism to boost our immune system and slow down aging processes. The potential benefits from regular ingestion of Flavon  are enormous, from better looking skin and healthier joints to improved circulation and higher energy levels.


Flavon Green                                                                                                           

Recommended to

    all ages, from children to elderly people
    if you are looking for vegetable product of high quality
    if you would like to supplement your daily vegetable consumption
    if you would like to consume vegetables in a concentrated form
    because it harmonizes with other Flavon products

Contains : curcuma, beta glucan, green tea, artichokes, moringa oleifeira, spinach, orange, spirulina algae, asparagus, sea buckthorn, broccoli, carrot


Flavon Max

Recommended to:

    every health- conscious adult
    if your diet is not balanced
    if you do not consume enough fruit


Contains : bluseberry, sea buckthorn, black elderberry, red grapes, blackcurrant, beetroot, ginseng


Flavon Active

Recommended to:

    adults who lead an active, fast – paced lifestyle
    if you want to choose a healthy form of stimulation
    if you want to enjoy the benefits of super fruits by consuming it
    if you would like to increase your daily magnesium and zinc intake


Contains : acerola, green tea, acai berry, raspberry, pineapple, aronia, guarana, prickly pear



Flavon Protect

Recommended to

    middle- aged to elderly people
    if your body needs protection
    if you are looking for natural dietary supplement
    if you would like to consume fruits in a concentrated form

Contains : cranberry, pumpkin, black elderberry, rose hip, blackcurrant, sour cherry, aronia, grape seed



Flavon Kids

Recommended to:

    children , pregnant and nursing mothers
    if your children do not consume enough fruit


Contains : sour cherry, blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, sea buckthorn, beetroot


The admin of this website is authorized Flavon distributor


There are 2 ways of ordering these amazing products


Online – please use the link below


In person by prior arrangement

please call Artur on 077 265 832 84

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