Tired of Exaggerated Health Claims of Nutritional Supplements?

As a populace, we have become so jaded it’s difficult to get people’s attention even when a legitimate breakthrough occurs.   

The reason for this posting is to bring to your attention a product so powerful, that its science is backed by a Nobel Prize in the category of "Medicine or Physiology".


Over the course of the last 11 years, I have had the privilege to personally work side by side with some of the most famous physicians and researchers in modern history.

When I asked my molecular genetic research friend-Dr. Clair Francomano to use her incomparable research computer system access as the former “First Clinical Director” of: The National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH to verify what I was beginning to believe about this next generation “Nitric Oxide Precursor” she was willing.

After spending two weeks’ serious background researching the science, Dr. Francomano reported back to me her findings. She reported that not only was the product everything I had hoped and literally prayed for, but further that the company (very unlike most company’s exaggerated claims) was being very conservative in its portrayal of its potency.

Having personally done or sponsored or structured or facilitated human clinical studies in Europe, Asia and the America’s, I was truly excited. To discover a company with a natural product with science of this magnitude, that is so supportive of the cardiovascular system and literally every cell in the human body without known side effects is a genuine quantum leap forward in nutritional/nutraceutical science.

Below is a video that brings proper perspective to this event.


During the course of my career, working through physicians with their patients some of which were in the final few weeks or months of their respective lives (according to their attending physician’s) I witnessed health dysfunctions that were believed to be irreversible …. change/reverse dramatically.

Now when I hear people say they just have to get prepared to die or accept a doomsday prognosis, know that the world of nutrition offers a completely different outcome. In his best-selling book “No More Heart Disease”, Nobel Laureate Louis Ignarro documents the facts irrefutably.

I challenge you to learn the facts and at a minimum and include this life saving information to you knowledge and then apply it to optimize the lives of those entrusted to you.

With greatest care and respect,

Daniel J SwinDell - Kyani Diamond Distributor

(509) 670-2855 cell/text


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This article was published on 20.05.2016 by Dan SwinDell
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Jason Ray Good article man. I recently joined Kyani and Nitro in itself has helped me extremely.   2 years ago

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