Almost done with 8-5

Today I am very proud to say that I finally have my own business. My part in it is still small for now but watch this space. I’ve taken the leap and after much research I can envision a life where I don’t have to sit stuck in traffic every morning and evening. I am quickly working my way to seeing the world and having a much more fulfilled life.

I’ve just reached that point where I don’t want to sit behind a desk from 8 to 5 anymore. This is not what I saw for myself growing up. For some reason unknown to me, I always thought I’ll be well off financially. We want it so badly for ourselves but we get stuck with the way things are normally done. We soon find ourselves in the system so we get educated, find a job, get married, pay a bond and have kids. And so the cycle continues…

I foresee the next few months to be challenging, but it’s a challenge I am so looking forward to. I know what I want and my support structure is fantastic.

About the business I’ve gotten involved with… It’s called World Ventures. You’ve probably heard of it before. The blue banner has gone viral on the net. I was first told about it a few years back but the person who pitched it to me wasn’t very convincing. Then a few months back a friend of mine who’s been involved with the company for about a year brought it to my attention. Here’s someone I knew personally although we didn’t keep in touch much but he was living his dream. He introduced me to other members in his team who, like himself has also given up their full-time jobs to pursue their own dreams in this travel club. I thought if they can all do it, then so can I!!!

If you’re not yet familiar with World Ventures, it’s an exclusive travel club. I know there are many travel clubs around but this one is second to none. There are 2 concepts associated with this club, firstly the travelling which is something most of us enjoy anyway and secondly is the opportunity to make some good cash which will make anyone smile. I am aware that some people didn’t have much success with this company and the reason for that I am not even interested in but I refuse to be one of them. I’m putting in the work and I’m going to make sure it pays off.

The idea here is to spend more time with your family and loved ones. Life is just too short to be slaving away at your 8-5. Get in touch with me to change the way you’re living. Have a look at the following link:


This article was published on 06.05.2016 by Dylan Moses
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Dean Hart Hi Dylan - World ventures is an AWEsome company and you will do very well in this social climate. just a little teaser for you, it WORKS :)   1 year ago

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