Helping Hands International (H2i) is an international organization that has at the core of its operations helping people in the following ways: 1. Skills acquisition and startup capital for the unemployed 2. Give scholarship awards to children - more than 200 children in Nigeria are on their scholarship scheme, up till university level. 3. Fund motherless babies homes 4. Help the less privileged 5. Community development services 6. Etc, etc - ...and they are so so serious about doing all of these (I will send you pictures and videos to that effect), IF YOU WANT... Where do we come into all these? The organization depends on DONATIONS FROM PARTNERS to carry out its humanitarian services, so they are looking for partners. Anyone interested in becoming a partner is required to make a minimum DONATION of $40 (which is N6,600 @ N165 per dollar) - multiple or subsequent donations will also be in multiples of $40 (N6,600). There are different levels of partners 1. Free will partners 2. Business minded partners Free will partners are those who make donations to charity without looking for anything in return. However, the other kinds of partners are those who are interested in the business side of the charity where partners are allowed to make money. The company says, "We believe you became one of our partners because you believed in our vision - and your donation has really gone a very long way to help us do more for the society. Now to be able to do even more, we need MORE PARTNERS! Can you share our vision with a minimum of two people (preferably friends or relatives, or just anybody who might be interested in supporting our vision by also donating a minimum of $40)?" SO HERE IS HOW WE MAKE MONEY: If anyone decides to be a partner after you have shared the vision with them, the company pays you 20% of their donations, which is $8 out of every $40 dollars donation. THIS IS WHAT WE CALL REFERRAL BONUS! THAT IS THE FIRST LAYER OF EARNING IN H2i Then comes the higher degree of earning: the system is a binary system whereby if every single person who enters the programme through you refer 2 people each faithfully, you keep moving up a ladder of leadership where the number of people you provide leadership, support and training for begins to grow under you. There are earnings associated with different stages in the LEADERSHIP LADDER but before I tell you about the mouth watering earnings, let me quickly state the essence of moving up the leadership ladder: 1. You get to a place where you begin to lead YOUR TEAM to dispense Helping Hands Care to your community in various forms. 2. You get to a level in the leadership ladder where you will recommend two people (either from your religious circle, or extended family) who are not H2i members for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Helping Hands will train them along a line of business they choose, and give them $1000, IN YOUR NAME, to start the business after they have been successfully trained. 3. You will be asked to nominate 2 motherless babies homes which you desire to help. Helping Hands, after investigating that your presentation and request for assistance for the motherless babies homes is genuine, will give them $1000 each IN YOUR NAME! 4. You get to ride a BRAND NEW OFFICIAL CAR as a leader. 5. You have access to INTEREST FREE LOANS as a leader/member/partner (used interchangeably) 6. You have access to a HOUSING FUND where H2i helps you to build your house or acquire a landed property by paying 70% of the total cost, provided you have 30% of the entire cost. Meanwhile you will be required to pay back the 70% given by H2i at a very convenient pace - WITHOUT COLLATERAL OR INTEREST! 7. As a leader you will be sponsored to an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP (VACATION) IN DUBAI. There are other several benefits but for now, let me quickly tell you about the other levels of EARNINGS ASSOCIATED WITH VARIOUS LEADERSHIP LEVELS: Stage One: You earn $10 MATRIX BONUS when you complete stage one (I completed my stage one the same day I became a partner!). This is apart from the $8 referral bonuses you must have received earlier, and keep receiving as you invite more people. Stage Two: Your earn $1,000 dollars MATRIX BONUS when you complete stage two, plus A BRAND NEW HP LAPTOP! This is apart from the $8 referral bonuses you must have received earlier, and keep receiving as you invite more people. Stage Three: You earn $3,000 MATRIX BONUS when you complete stage three, plus A BRAND NEW KEYLESS HYUNDAI ELANTRA CAR! This is apart from the $8 referral bonuses you must have received earlier, and keep receiving as you invite more people. Other stages then follows... I HAVE EARNED A LOT OF MONEY FROM HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL with minimal investment of N19,800 ($120), and I consider it a very good means of earning PASSIVE INCOME that works! The system is so automatic that sometimes, you have earned money without really doing anything because what is called THE SPILLOVER EFFECT, which makes you earn money EVEN WITHOUT REFERRING ANYBODY! The following companies are the International Partners of Helping Hands International: HP :: Apple :: Glo :: Diamond Bank :: Hyundai :: GAC Motors etc. At this point, I will allow you to ASK ME QUESTIONS if you have any...+2347064585309 Thanks for your time, and I am eagerly waiting to welcome you to a world of FINANCIAL FREEDOM
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