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I have been networking online for several years and have been in all types of programs; MLM, Health, Cyclers, and more.  What I have noticed is that most people do not know their “Why” when they join online programs and tend to go from program to program.  Most of the time, it is not the program that does not work, it is the members who join.  It is not only necessary to know your “why” such as, I need extra money, vacations, put my kids through college, buy a house, buy a car, whatever it may be.  Know your why and then find a program that fits your budget and your interest.  Then you need to focus and dedicate your time time, and if necessary money to ensure that you succeed.

The other problem I noticed about working online, is that people don’t form relationships.  They just blast out ads and hope someone will join their program.  The most successful people are those who get to know their business partners.  People like join people not just a program.  You need to let people get to know you so that they can trust you, and you need to get to know them.  If your program does fail for any reason, you will still have a Business Partner that you know and trust and they might follow you or you might follow them to another program/opportunity.

I recently found a Private Leveraging Community where they stress to invite those you know, like and trust to work together to become wealthy.  This appealed to me and I joined and now everyone that joins me I get to know and to help.  It is ideal!

This Private Leveraging Community is a member-to-member program that is Simple, Fast & Easy with a duplicating system where all the members do the same exact thing.  Everyone just needs to personally sponsor 2 people that they know, like and trust.  Our Wealth Team has a Team Build to help you get your 2.  There is a one-time affordable fee for the Leveraging System, and a small one-time fee for your Membership Package, that includes your Literacy products.

We always pay the SAME 3 people, and the SAME 8 people from our Level 3 pays us! Plus, we just have to build One 2x3 Team One Time!

If you are interested, and know your "Why", and will get in touch with me, go here for more information:

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and Being your Partner In Success!

David Pegram


Skype:  ourwealthteam

This article was published on 02.10.2015 by David Pegram
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Marvin Brown Very good informative article David.  2 years ago
Alonzo Brown David, you are right on point about people needing to know "Why". Great article!  2 years ago

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