Zombie Apocalypse? We. Are. It.

Hi, my name is Myra Hotchkiss. I grew up in the South, where we ate fruits and vegetables grown on our own land. I used to pick a peach or an apple right off the tree and nibble on it for a snack. We got our meats from the Farmer’s Market in town every Saturday. What we got from the actual grocery store was the usual household products, paper products and such. We only got canned goods when the freezer ran dry in the winter. It was a good life, healthy and full of fresh air and activity. I rarely had an ounce on me that wasn’t run off playing baseball, climbing trees (I’m teaching my granddaughter how to climb a tree) or chasing my brother for some brotherly offense.

Now I’m in my 50s and I remember those potatoes, onions, corn, green beans, apples, peaches and pears with nostalgia. And horror. You want to talk about the zombie apocalypse? We. Are. It. It can hardly have escaped the notice of many (maybe those two over there) that our “groceries” and our “food”-like products are sheer poison. We read about it every day on social media, hear it on the TV and radio from medical “experts” and worry about it privately. Here’s what I worry about the most:

• GMO or genetically modified organisms

• Chemicals in personal care products, household cleaners, prescriptions and over the counter meds

• Chemicals, fluoridation and poisons in our drinking water

• Synthetic chemicals

• Toxic waste and pollution that we breathe and that gets into our water supply

• Fast food trash full of chemicals (bugs won’t even touch the stuff)

• Heavy metals

These things are in the linings of the cans of “food” we buy, sprayed on the produce we eat, runoff from factories and manufacturing in our water supply, chemicals we melt snow in our water supply; pretty much everything that touches us in whatever manner is poisoned. Yes, ladies and gents, we are walking waste dumps. We are the zombies.

The only recourse is to eat organic foods. We can clean the house with natural things like vinegar, lemon and baking soda. We can make our own soaps with essential oils to make them smell nice. We can essentially go back to the 1800s when people knew very well that what they were eating, drinking and wearing was all natural. Even our clothing and furniture contain chemicals, most often formaldehyde in the case of the furnishings.

Or we can use a product designed by scientists to help us. Nutrisail is a company in Texas whose scientists recognize these things. They developed a product called B-Lite. This product is a compendium of B-vitamins in addition to herbs, whose job it is to wrap up these poisons, wash them out of the body and leave said body with clean energy from the B-vitamins. Joints will no longer fail to work. The mind will be crystal clear with a great attention span. Moods will no longer swing. Even the eyesight (mine, at least) will improve. Weight won’t have anywhere to go but off, since the chemicals aren’t holding it hostage.

Another product called B-Safe. It’s a veritable powerhouse composed of bioflavonoids, phytonutrients, immune-boosting nutrients and minerals designed to help the immune system to its ultimate healthy status. It cleans the toxins out of the body, which allows the body to improve its focus, weight management and immune system.

Not everyone can afford organic foods. On the other hand, many farmers are now growing strictly organic foods in response to the public’s horror over growth hormones and chemicals. We’ve durn near put Monsanto out of business, and good riddance to bad rubbish. However, there’s a Farmer’s Market near just about everybody. Everyone knows an inveterate fisherman and/or hunter. Getting meat uncontaminated by growth hormones isn’t too hard to come by.

As to the water situation, the scientists at Nutrisail advise us to boil our tap water, and pour it through a filter into a gallon container. Plastics leach their chemicals into everything. If you can find glass containers for food storage, drinking water and cooking pots and pans, get them. Amazon has a great supply of these things. Using Nutrisail’s products will help, even if people can’t afford to buy strictly organic foods. Read more about it at http://nutrisail.com/ownit.

This article was published on 04.08.2016 by Myra Hotchkiss
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