TIMING IS EVERYTHING- the time is NOW! $$$$

We have a great business that helps people just like you! We need distributors who see the value of what we have and that understand our company's TIMING- we are in the early phases before the momentum hits... if you understand what that means we want you, as you are the one who has the insight and realizes that this explosion means $$$ for you... you'll be involved on the ground level- imagine those RESIDUAL BONUSES!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  •     I work a (just over broke) J-O-B that I am less than thrilled with
  •     My job is fine, but I could always use more money, there’s never enough
  •     Will I ever be out of debit
  •     Will the bills ever stop piling up (3/4 of Americans are living pay check to pay check)
  •     Savings, what savings
  •     Pay for my kids to go to college, I’m still paying off my student loans
  •     Will I ever be able to retire (More than 1/3 Americans have $0 saved for retirement)
  •     Will I ever have time to enjoy life- time with my loved ones, time for myself
  •     Is there something better, why am I working myself to death



What if we could help you break free, because we honestly want to!

Wouldn’t you rather be able to exclaim:

  •     I have retired after 10 years, not 40 years, I spent a couple of years working hard and it PAID off (could  you ever say that about the job you have no? No.)!
  •     I have residual income checks that will keep coming to me and to my grandchildren!
  •     I have total freedom! I am in charge of my own destiny now!
  •     I love my life now!
  •     I have all the time in the world!
  •     I just went on a Mediterranean cruise… I just got a bonus… a new Jeep!

Not everything is too good to be true… but, you do have to work to get what you want. If we trained and educated you so that you could get what you wanted out of life… would you accept that help? No job is going to take your hand and help you, no way- you’re just there to sit in the seat and do what you are told. No job would want you to soar as high as we want you to! We are in the business of legitimately caring.

You are being introduced to some phenomenal people, a truly caring team, an extended family that wants to see you take the bull by the horns and excel… the opportunity is here… you decide whether or not to take it or leave it… it’s all up to YOU.


The Prosperity Heroes Team is committed to building a community and a family that heals and grows together. Not only do we want to offer support and mentoring in health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, healthy weight management, and the preservation of our youthfulness; but, we also want to support and promote ways to incorporate living a freer and happier life. We want to build a family that stresses less and has more time, as well as choices and control over their own lives. We want to give back to our community, our nation, the world, and the Universe. We are thankful for what we have now and even more thankful for the greatness that is coming to us.

A quote from LifeVantage:

 “We’re a community of life-minded people focused on just one thing: making your life better today.

At LifeVantage curiosity has our attention, science has our back and we recognize–and firmly believe–that your growth is the way of our future.

Find your higher calling with LifeVantage and Venture Higher™”

We are happy that you are visiting our blog and our website today. We hope you will join our family in this venture of living better, this great opportunity to do the things we all love now and more often! Who doesn’t want more time to spend with their families and loved ones, more income, more time to travel, and more time to give back to charitable causes? Join our community of like-minded, life-minded people and watch the Universe open new doors.

Thank you

-Cheryl & Jesse Leggett (Humble/Houston Area, Texas)

This article was published on 30.03.2016 by Chergle Tater
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