Immediate YES Formula - How to Close Even a High Ticket Item on First Visit!

Immediate Yes Formula - The Ultimate Closing Weapon

Imagine having the super power to close anyone on the first try on any product or service, even high end sales! How would it change your life if you can close one out of two prospects? Imagine how fast you can grow your income!

What if I tell you that this system works on any product or service sale? It works whether it's face to face meeting, over the phone or in print? Imagine how much faster you can grow your income!

Now imagine this: What if this super power can be duplicated to every member of your organization? Do you see the explosive potential of this system?  

This sales system, Immediate Yes Formula, was created by Cesar L Rodriguez over 12 years of experience in top producing sales in Time Share sales as well as in network marketing to amass seven figure income. Hundreds of his students are applying the System around the world in all type of product and service sales with devastating results. 

Look what you get with Immediate Yes Formula:

Learn how to trigger your prospects automatic and subconscious “compliance & agreement” buttons so they can’t help themselves from wanting to buy from you immediately.

Learn to build rapid rapport, trust, and credibility with your prospects as well as extract their deepest pains, problems, and hot buttons. 

How to take any product, service, or opportunity you’re selling and redesign your presentation so that triggers an ‘Immediate YES’ buying response. 

No more needing 7-10 follow-up calls or exposures before your prospect buys! 

Learn why people buy things at an unconscious level and how to sell in such a way that your prospect feels unconsciously drawn to buying from you on the spot… and feels good about it. 

Close high ticket deals without your prospects getting nervous and wanting go home to “think about it”. Shift “big ticket items” into the “impulse items” category in your prospects’ minds.   

How to flip your prospects attraction switches so they view you as their new best friend and someone that they know, like, and trust. 

How to create the feeling of a lifelong friendship with anyone within a few minutes. These techniques also work great if you’re single and dating

Learn how to build so much trust & credibility in one sitting that your prospect won’t feel that they need more time, a second opinion, or more research to buy that same day.

Do you know what Baby Negs , The Weak Strong Combo, 3F Technique, The Align & Agree Method, or Tell & Show Method?You will be using them all the time to create habitual trust patterns so your prospects believe everything you say and buy exactly when you tell them to. 

How to extract the hidden information you need to speak to their core needs, wants, and desires so they’re practically begging you to buy and join immediately.

You’ll learn how to get even the most guarded prospects to open up, be 100% honest with you, and reveal the problems they have that you can solve with your product, service, or opportunity.

How to discover & your prospect’s Pain Triggers and Eliminate “No Money objections” forever!

How to find, amplify, and create the problems, that in your prospects mind, can only be solved with your product, service, or opportunity.

Get your prospect confessing their deepest problems, pains, and desires so you can frame what you’re selling to solve them. When you master these techniques you’ll almost never hear “I don’t have the money” again. 

How to transform your boring presentation into an Irresistible offer that people Buy Immediately!

How to precisely engineer your presentation so that it eliminates all potential objections before they come up and makes your prospects salivate to buy your solution immediately.

You’ll discover the 3 Core Objections every prospect has, how to overcome them, and how to master Take Aways & NLP Re-framing to eliminate objections. 

Cesar will also reveal his Never Fail Story Creation Formula, his highest converting closing scripts, and the patented 3Q Close that he’s used to close millions of dollars in sales.

How to close, but not with posture and in a way that combines anticipation of gain, fear of loss, scarcity, and urgency. After you learn how to do this you’ll find that prospects will practically beg you to buy immediately.

Eliminate All FORMS of the “Think about it” objection, turn Thinkers into Buyers and add urgency into your presentation and close.

Implement the Immediate YES Formula into your sales process so everything becomes second nature and flows seamlessly. Become the master closer and dominate your competition and make lots of sales!

This article was published on 15.05.2016 by Chuck Hernandez
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