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Requirement For Admission.

  1. Any phone or laptop
  2. Internet connectio
  3. One time payment of #4000 naira only. 

Work To Do.

Just introduce others to the school and get paid every Thursday , 


People Skills and Team work: what I am referring

to here is building relationships of trust, respect and

productive interactions. Relationships plays a major

role in life. It is often said, it’s not what you know,

but WHO you know. It is important to build and

maintain strong and positive relationships and

networks. The school environment is one that should

help us appreciate the positive impacts others can

make in our lives. It is a good place to develop skills

that will enable you work and network with others


Effective Study Skills: To study effectively does not

necessarily mean to study for hours rather it is about

studying smart. It does not mean cramming as many

students do. As a student question what you are

reading or being taught and seeking to understand

how it applies to practical life experiences. It

demands you to open your mind to knowledge and

ideas outside your academic discipline or field. There

is difference between formal education and self-

education. Formal education ends the moment you

are out of school. Self-education is for a whole life


Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: An

important goal of education is helping students learn

how to think more productively. That is, the ability to

generate and evaluate ideas. This demands you to be

analytical, open minded, inquisitive and able to use

your imagination. In school one is giving problems to

solve which require you to apply the power of your

mind . Critical thinking and problem-solving is

something that has to be built over time. You can

start now to develop these skills by taking on

problems as they come and finding solutions, instead

of shying away from them. It will enable you to

always see possibilities where others see only dead-


Communication Skills: One goal of education is to

enable students communicate what they know.

Communication skills which include reading, writing,

listening are very essential in today’s world. Apart

from reading and writing presentations, reports and

speeches are a part of every school curriculum. This

should be able to help a student develop skills on

communication. Most students tend to shy away

from presentations and seminars. What they have

not realized is the importance of these skills in every

day life.

Financial Intelligence: That you are still a student is

no reason for you not to save and invest. If as a

student you are already heavily indebted, you are

setting yourself up for failure. As a student think of

an idea that will earn you a passive income or

multiply the little you’ve saved. Many of the

successful entrepreneurs and investors today built

the platform for their success back in their school


This article was published on 28.03.2016 by Freeson Eze
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