A New Ketosis Lifestyle for Canada

Are you familiar with the health benefits of ketosis? Improved energy, improved focus, improved memory - these are just a few of the benefits! Ketosis can also help to reduce inflammation in the body, suppress appetite, contribute to fat loss,  improve your mood and aid in digestion and gut health. Get better sleep and eliminate brain fog through ketosis! With so many benefits, why aren't we using this all of the time??  This video will give you a good understanding of ketosis and what it can do for us:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQfYL7eqcI8

Ketosis can help to build strength and is often used by athletes and body builders. Do your own research and find out the benefits. I was amazed- and the feeling when you are in ketosis is just that: amazing. Super You! It can even help to clear your skin. Studies have confirmed the benefits of ketones for memory loss and traumatic brain injury.

Well, traditionally it has been hard to do. It takes a very restrictive diet low in carbs and with no sugar to achieve nutritional ketosis. There has been a two to three day 'no sugar' hangover at the beginning of a ketonic diet and if you cheat on that restrictive diet you are knocked out of ketosis for days until your body works its way back into ketosis. So no cheats, no days of normal life, no special events. Until now. 

Two weeks ago, in September, Pruvit launched in Canada and we can now buy an exogenous ketone supplement that will put you into nutritional ketosis within an hour. The benefits are yours for the taking! No more hangover, no more loss of days because of a cheat, Pruvit Keto//OS can help you through these challenges.  

Customers love the drinks, they taste good, and the benefits are indisputable. A five day trial will have you feeling the benefits and wanting more! We have Chocolate, Orange Swirl (tastes like creamsicles), and Keto Creme to satisfy every taste preference. Looking to feel improvements in your health or for a great new business opportunity? Message me at chasingyourdreams.ns@gmail.com or visit my website at http://wandasays.pruvitnow.com/ca for more information.  

Only taking qualified partners seeking success with this opportunity and willing to put in the work necessary to achieve their dreams. 

This article was published on 17.10.2016 by Wanda Leese
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