Save and Earn Money from Utilities and Phones

Did you know that you can earn a good income from Utilities such as: Gas, Electricity, Broadband?

Did you know that you can earn a good income from Mobile Phone services? I don't mean providing the service but the service you utilise from your mobile/cell phone.  

Yes, you can earn income from the bills you pay every month if you know the how.

Yes You Can !!

Sounds too good to be true? 

It's actually TRUE not a farce. And it's very good too.

Hello there:.....

Are You Open-Minded?

- Willing and Ready to view a new Idea or Concept from another perspective? 

Are You Coachable or Teachable? 

- And Ready to Listen/View?

Do You Pay Bills on Utilities such Gas, Electricity, Broadband and Mobile Phone? 

- (Of Course, everyone these days pays bills on one or two or all of these services)

Does Your Present Service Provider Pays You any money for using your utilities? 

- (Definitely NO). None of them out there pays you money for using your utilities.

Do you want to get paid using your Mobile/Cell Phone and other Energy / utilities?

It's All About Knowing What and How To. 

First of all, let me explain how traditional businesses operate. They are either manufacturers or wholesalers who supply the goods and services who pass these goods to middlemen and in turn the middlemen add their own profits before selling to the consumers. The middlemen also involve spending a lot of money to pay for advertisement, logistics, admin, etc which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars/pounds. All these are added to the final price that the consumer pays. As for services, advertising takes more of the cost of getting the service to the consumer/customer/client.

Now a smart company thought of removing the middlemen and the cost of advertising and now selling/dealing direct with the consumer/customer/client to reduce the cost of distribution and the final price. This is a brilliant idea indeed !!

So that leads us to the last question: Will You Like to Know More....? Yes ?

Then Just Reply to this short article and ask "For More Info" or Send your Email link. Or send an email to: with the subject line as: "For More Info". 

Thank you very much.

 Shadie Okpako.

This article was published on 31.03.2019 by Shadie Okpako
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