What Will YOU Do To Be Successful?

I reach out to people daily and several decline due to the fact that "they don't have the money to join". I want to reassure you that 95% of the people who join this business actually did not have the money to join which tells me more people actually NEED this opportunity than we may realize because more people NEED more money than they actually have.... And that's ok. That's what we are here for! 

So I understand not having the funds right away and that's why we are talking. I want you to imagine how it would feel to never have to say that again? There are solutions out there if you really want to change your financial situation. Here's a couple that have worked for some other people who are now on our team making money monthly!

1. Put on a credit card

2. Borrow from friend or family 

3. Pay a bill late 

4. Sell something in your house 

5. Presell products

You just have to have the mindset that if there was a million dollars on the line, how fast would you be able to come up with the $100 to pay for your materials? I know you can be amazing in this business & you can be very successful! I have had many people on my team who have borrowed the money or who have sold clothes, house items, given up Starbucks or hair and nails for a month etc to free up what they can to join!! 

Listen, I was -$24 in my bank account the day I started the business 3 years ago. I NEEDED this opportunity immediately & I knew it! I didn't have time or the option to pass it up based on the fact I didn't have the money for my training & business owner rights. I HAD to find a way! So, I sold items on Craigslist to pay for it. Turned that investment around & profited the SAME week!!! Truthfully, it was one of the best ideas/decisions I ever made! I would love nothing more than to show you exactly how I did it & how you can do it too. You don't need any special requirements, work history or anything like that. I will lead you & guide you every step of the way!


When you're ready, I'm ready! Let's connect! 

Email: srunning39@gmail.com

Instagram: @sarahrunning39

Facebook: facebook.com/Sarah.reedrunning

This article was published on 19.07.2016 by Sarah Running
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