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Never did anyone had to stay home from work for over 3 months due to nationwide shut down. That is when most people sensed how vulnerable we all are. We also learned how our jobs are not so guaranteed after all.

Granted that most jobs are not so gratifying. But jobs provide guaranteed paychecks. The familiar daily grind- get up every morning, go to work, do the same long shifts, come back home, have dinner and sleep. Rinse and Repeat. For many, it continues for years and years.

Our dreams of living happy, stress free, fun filled, quality life and travelling around the world seems impossible to attain. In pursuit of success at work, there is shortage of time to spend with family.

Earn By Helping People Become Financially Independent

So, the shutdown has proven that people (in mass) can work from home. From job definition, many of us are NOT essential. Not only that, we cannot even count on getting our check regularly.

So, what is one to do?

I strongly suggest that all working Americans need to have a home-based business. You can earn from home. It is no longer just a trend; but for many a necessity to ensure a source of income. But not everyone knows where to start.

It is necessary to know why to have a business.

It is American Way

The American system is meant for business people, of business people and in the interest of businesspeople. Just look at the tax code system. For many generations, tax code is full of benefit for the business owners. There is taxation system that sulks all kinds of taxes from people who have regular jobs. Then there is other side of the system that allows all kinds of deduction for the business people.

If you have a regular job and you start a side home business, you can reduce well over 35% of taxes that you may be paying. You will be able to deduct expenses related to your office space at home, cell phone, utilities, car, vacations. Do you get the picture?

Showing Kids Path To Success

It is no secret that our education system continues with 19th century methods. How practical is it to spend $150K to $500K to get a job that pays $40K to $60K per year? No logic whatsoever! When your kids see that you have home business and you are running it successfully, that is a practical lesson that they do NOT have to college to earn decent earnings with NO STUDENT LOAN to pay off.

Pride of Ownership

Having a home business provides that pride. Pride that you own your business that generates revenue. It can be perpetual. Legacy that you can hand down to your loved ones. If you were to run home business successfully, you could sell the business and pass the profits to your loved ones. Your family members can cherish memories.

Earn By Helping People Become Financially Independent

In case, you are wondering where to start, fear not. Just so you know, on the average, the growth rate of business is 30% a year. But when you work online it is more likely to be as much as 10 times!

We are looking for people, who have "fantabulous" aspirations. We want people who prefer to work smart. We are looking for people who are coach able, fun to work with, determined and focused towards their goals.

If you are that person, you can learn the exact same steps and begin your journey to earn income from your own home business. As matter of fact, we can provide FREE consultation. Note this consultation is not intended to SELL anything. It is intended to direct you the possible paths you can take to start your own home business.

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This article was published on 23.06.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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