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The name of the company is CROWD1(Crowd Marketing and Online Networking) the first time i heard testimonies from the members i said''yah! right it's a cliche''until i heard it from someone i trusted then i joined,today i regret for not taking an initiative of doing my own due diligence the first time i heard about the company and not waiting to hear it from a trusted friend i could have been even more prosperous.The earlier you join the better the income because the company is not only rewarding you by bringing in your own people,it has a Worldwide Associate Signups that each member enjoys meaning people who have joined after you in any part of the world have a positive impact on your Owner Rights(Profit Shares)due to the company's unselfish act of distributing its profit with the members thus means you're not compelled to recruit you earn without you recruiting. Company allows you to join free and gives 10 days grace period to purchase a package of your choice(1st package 99 euros,2nd package 299 euros,3rd package 799 euros 4th and last package 2499 euros) through its transparency the moment you join it displays number of members joined after you.Moreover the company has 5 Bonuses:(1)Streamline Bonus is also called a free ride bonus due to the fact that your Owner Rights grows without you doing anything because everyone counts as the Crowd1 community grows you gain(2)Binary Bonus(3)Matching Bonus(4)Gambling Residual Income(Earning bonus whenever someone is playing(5)Fear Of Loss Bonus(This is a once off bonus the company gives you 14 days from the day you registered to recruit 4 people and the reward depends on the package bought  by you people).Remember people this company is still on prelaunch stage but it has already produced millionaires,it opened its doors to the public on the 25th of January 2019 its Owner Rights price then was 0.02 euros now currently it is 1.28 euros that's 1180% growth,it will be fully launched in October 2019.By the way i'm Mr Smati Makhubela if you have any questions you can contact me via any of these methods whatsapp(+27761944824) or email (smati.makhubs@gmail.com)If you do decide to join the company here is the joining link   https://crowd1.com/signup/crytoboss1

This article was published on 16.08.2019 by Johannes Smati
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