How to Build a Team Culture in Your MLM Business

How do you build a solid team culture in your network marketing business and why do you need one? Let me begin by telling you this post is very important if you want to build a long-term, successful MLM business.  

All societies have some type of culture. I think of a culture as a way people communicate and connect with others. It encompasses certain values, beliefs, languages and traditions.

Think about college football for a minute. When you enter a football stadium on game day, people are excited. They were their team’s jersey. They sing their team’s song or anthem. They cheer and celebrate together. This is an example of culture at work.

Network marketing is no different. The biggest companies in our industry have a strong team culture and company culture. Think of companies like Amway, Mary Kay and Herbalife for a moment.

Their reps use certain jargon. They dress a certain way. They attend events and celebrate together. This is culture at work. Because of this strong culture, these companies have grown into multi-billion-dollar companies.

Cultures are important because people want to belong to something. It is an important human need.

If you’re trying to build a team culture for your own MLM business, you want to do a few specific things.

First off, you want to identify your team values. In other words, what traits are important to everyone on the team? This might include loyalty, team work, recognition, honesty, integrity, etc.

The next thing you want to do is have live events. Events are vital to your business success. This is where people get together to spend time together, learn new skills and be recognized. Events are the glue that keeps your business together.

Next, you need recognition. Babies cry for recognition and adults are willing to die for it. It’s an important human need. You need formal and informal ways to recognize just about EVERY accomplishment your team members make. Remember, people want to be appreciated.

Furthermore, you need a team name. Think of it like the name of a sports team. Design shirts, certificates, awards, medals, trophies, bumper stickers, and stickers with your team name on them. Hand them out whenever possible. This helps spread the word and makes people feel important. 

Finally, the most important part of a strong team culture in your MLM business is personal development. You must encourage personal development. 

You want a team culture that encourages people to grow and face their fears. You want a team culture that encourages people to step out of their comfort zone. If you can help people grow as people, they will stick around, even if they decide to stop building the business.

In review, these are some of the basic steps of building a strong team culture in your network marketing team. I hope you found the information helpful and will apply it in your own business.

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is a network marketing professional. He is a top recruiter and blogger. He lives in sunny Florida. You can learn more about his opportunity here. 

This article was published on 27.08.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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Gordian Gabriel For Sure.  2 years ago
Jaye Carden This is so true Chuck. The culture of a company can certainly help it's retention and it's growth. People love to be part of specific cultures and communities.   2 years ago

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