DON'T Delay your Success!!

DON'T Delay your Success!!

Yes I need to repeat that :)

I wanted to share an opportunity that is exploding on all cylinders. Have you heard of SBC? Let me explain a little about it.

Founded by Ben Glinsky, 5 year old, debt-free CompanywWith a focus on bringing to the world ground breaking new products with unmatched quality and life-changing results. Anything from weight loss products, Anti-aging creams that will make you look 10 years younger, New All Natural Energy drink that was revealed at the recent Convention in Nashville last month in September 2016!!

Without you doing anything at all you will actually get a check EVERY MONTH from the people placed under you by the system!! That's FREE MONEY you are making on a team that you did not build!! EVERY SINGLE PERSON who joins the team is getting paid a monthly check even if they don't do any work!! REALLY think about that... HUGE!!

What's even more exciting is you could have a huge team of Distributors growing underneath you RIGHT NOW which is potentially worth thousands of dollars! So the question is how do you get paid on all of those people. Well, that's where the WORK comes in... nobody said this was a lottery ticket. ;)

Once you start to sponsor people into the business, (personal team), and your personal team starts to grow, you will get promoted through the ranks. It is your RANK that will determine how much you will get paid on the hundreds and eventually thousands of people that are in your ENTIRE team... The Powerline!

The big deal here is that most people in network marketing don't ever get a check! Most people don't ever have a team! With SBC everyone gets BOTH on their very first day! It's truly a game changer in the network marketing industry and it's creating success stories with people who have never had success before!

The system works so well we actually have people generating product sales and recruiting new distributors completely on autopilot! For me, this is a dream come true, it truly is a network marketer's dream company!

Over the last 10 years I've been with dozens of companies and I've never seen anything like this. I have stopped everything to put all of my focus and energy to help my Team succeed with SBC!

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Everyone is guaranteed to get paid on at least the first 3 levels in their powerline both on the Fast Start side, meaning people's first orders that are paid weekly, AND the Residual side, meaning all orders AFTER the initial order, paid monthly.

Once you achieve higher rank, you start to qualify for deeper levels, especially on the Residual side. As a Bronze, you get 4 levels, Silver you get 5 levels, Gold 6 levels, Platinum 7 levels, etc.

Now keep in mind, right now just because we are building so fast with distributors and very few people have started getting their own customers outside of the powerline, most people only have 1 person per level.. But as your organization matures, and people start experiencing the HUGE results with these awesome products, they will start getting customers that will go on their first level OUTSIDE of the powerline. So if someone on your 3rd level for example goes out and signs up 20 customers, that puts 20 more people on your 4th level! MORE $$$ for you!!

And if you look at the history of this company, we have over 80% customers! When those levels fill, everybody makes way more money! PLUS, when you hit the GOLD rank and above, you will also start getting paid PAST your 3rd, 4th, 5th, or whatever level you are qualified for.

We are giving up the 10% first level bonus because we are NOT putting people on our FIRST LEVEL because we use the POWERLINE which is awesome because it's helping everyone get promoted faster! Only customers go on our 1st level... (Definitely get customers!) So... the "weekly fast start overrides" are only from NEW volume that came in your first 3-4 levels that week (your rank determines how many levels) ... Your personal signups are probably over 100 levels below you in the Powerline.

Here is where it gets EXCITING......

When you hit PLATINUM... you get 4 GENERATIONS of Fast Start Infinity Generational Overrides and 4 generations of Infinity Matching Bonuses.... HUGE!!!!!

Remember... while some people are going Platinum their first month that is not normal ... even if it takes you 6-12 months... you will be GLAD you didn't QUIT because the RESIDUAL commissions are HUGE!

A Generation is everyone between you and the next Platinum member. So if you are a Platinum, and the first Platinum in your powerline is on your 87th level, your first generation includes ALL 87 people between you and that platinum. And you get paid down FOUR generations. So if the next Platinum is on your 265th level, that's almost 200 more people you get paid on. If the 3rd platinum is on you 308th level, that's your 3rd generation, and if the 4th one is on your 511th level, that's another 200 people you're getting paid on.

Then when you hit DIAMOND, you STILL get all the PLATINUM overrides and matches AND the GOLD overrides and matches because a Diamond IS considered every rank up to diamond, plus you now also get 5 generations of DIAMOND overrides!

So you add the bonuses together if you qualify for both... these are TRUE INFINITY generational overrides and matches because, even though you won't right away, once you start achieving higher ranks, you really can get paid on THOUSANDS OF LEVELS of people in your POWERLINE.....

The sooner you qualify for higher ranks, the sooner you can tap into all of the volume that's in your powerline right now!

Think of it this way...

==> You have a safe right now that's full of money and is growing DAILY... the KEY to unlock that safe is going PLATINUM! Once you reach Platinum you start getting paid on ALL of the people in your powerline!

It's not a question of IF you are going to go Platinum, only WHEN!

Even if it took you a YEAR... it would be WORTH IT!!

Get excited... get focused... never quit and you will get there!


This article was published on 26.09.2016 by Robert Janeczko
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