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Melaleuca Review: Best for Consumer, Better As Home Business

Melaleuca is online shopping club with annual membership fee.  As a member, you can buy health and wellness products directly from the company.  As a member, you can buy products at 15 to 30 per cent less than membership shops such as Costco, Sam’s Club.

Become Member of Melaleuca Here.

Melaleuca manufactures and sells over 500 products that focuses on a variety of household items which includes:

  • Nutrition – Vitamins, supplements, food, weight loss, hot beverages.
  • Medicines – Cold, allergy etc.
  • Beauty – Skin care, nails etc.
  • Household – Cleaning detergents and pet care.
  • Bath & Body – Facial, skin care, dental care, hair care.
  • Essentials oils

These products are made in the United States.  The company has reached over $2 billion in annual sales.  Interestingly, Melaleuca has a high monthly reorder rate-over 95%.

Melaleuca was founded in 1985 and operates in over 15 countries. It is a successful international business based in Idaho and sells over 450 products ranging from nutritional supplements to laundry soap and eco-friendly, toxin-free home cleaners

In today’s virus-bound atmosphere, Melaleuca offers following advantages to customers

  • Online Store- staying at home order the products from home and have them delivered at home.
  • Discounted Price- Products offered at substantial discounts
  • Unmatched quality- Company is big on going green- safe and environment-friendly

Melaleuca is consumer-direct business using networking concept to market its products. There are two ways to obtain products from Melaleuca.  The most popular option is becoming Preferred member (Cost $19 per year).  A regular membership is FREE.

Regular Member

The regular member can purchase from the company anytime at full price.  But that is not so bad considering that even the full price is competitively priced.

Preferred Member

Melaleuca members are mostly Preferred members paying $19 per year. The membership is full of perks- discount between 30 to 50 per cent. A new member receives $100 in loyalty shopping dollars to spend on Melaleuca products.  To use the loyalty, a preferred member needs to spend about $60 (35 points) each month.  Melaleuca uses a point system to account for shopping experience of those living in different countries.  Each product is assigned a point value.

Become Member of Melaleuca Here.

Business Opportunity

To pursue business opportunity, you do not have to sell any products or carry inventory.  You must be a preferred customer first, then you seek new members to join Melaleuca as a preferred member.  You are not compensated for customers becoming member; however, you can earn up to 20% commission on their product purchases.  It is to be noted that a 20% commission kicks only when you have 20 customers who have signed up as a preferred member.  Until then you get 7% commission on their product purchases.

Simply put, any business that can offer best products at discounted price can only be easy to promote.

This article was published on 18.08.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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