How to let money work for you with minimal to no risk! CBM- Global !

CBM- Global ! After years of tests finally LIVE and UP & RUNNING!!

CBM = Cash Back Matrix 

* Multiple income sources trough one investment. 

* Build a  passive income.

* A on Fibonacci based cashbacksysteem

*  Sustainable, tested and calculated cashbacksysteem 

* Approachable

* Working togheter with one of the best and crowned brokers of the world. 

* Unique product: only one in the worl with this product (only company that has build a Fibonaccimatrix )

* Farming: your capital at the broker - harvest/fruits: your income from matrix growth, from trades 

and from further linked systems of the company. The "work money" REMAINS YOUR property!

* Mission: to take from the massive and to give to he masses

*  Trough automated software trading on the largest market in the world: the Forex market + cashback from the commissions the broker earns. So profit or loss, that does not matter, because commissions are always earned by a broker: "The house always wins".  Get a part of it now "The house". The only thing we need for this is a stable software. And we have this in house :-): Tradeunity:  a sophisticated, in-house build tradingsoftware.

* Pay (until mid-January 2019) only 3 euros license fee (afterwards 5 euros) to eventually earn up to 20% passive income on the amount that you place with the broker. And this EVERY MONTH! With a one-time investment of 3 to 5 euros you can trade 50 euros on one of the most stable trading software in the world + on top of that, as long as you leave that 50 euros with the broker, an income / cashback on the commissions that will grow to 10 euros per month. AND, the 50 euros is always available, you needed them. If your capital grows on autopilot to 50 euros profit, you get an extra income that will grow to 10 euros / month. The more compounding, the sooner we all start building more and more passive income.

But there is more: CBM is going to generate additional positions for the customers, even from the commissions, and they are also going to grow to 10 euros / month there. This is the incubator program. So: the trading does not even have to grow to generate growth of positions. Because they come from the commissions.

* CBM: combination of investing - cashback - business: can be passive - active

* CBM: combination of different sources of income:

- profit on the trading: these can become serious amounts in time

-  Income from the Fibonaccimatrix: the cashback income: the customer chain 

- Revenue from the sale of licenses over 2 levels

- Extra income through Incubator program

"- Matching bonus: earn passive income over 2 levels of all your people's passive income in the customer chain, ie passive income on passive income"

* CBM: a wealth distribution algorithm: combination of algorithms of nature and currency

* CBM: build up basic income.

Want to know more? Connect on Messenger:, sent me a message and tell me you come from mlmgatway. Also mention what you most liked in this business announcement.

This article was published on 29.01.2019 by Taco Verhoef
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