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Don't Listen To Others If You Believe In Your Product And Your Dream.

This is a typical scenario. You join up to what you think is a business opportunity which will change your life. You're all gung-ho about it. You work hard at the business. You hold meetings, sample people with your products and you go all out promoting the business in all the ways you have been instructed. 

A month passes and your family and friends now start to ask you if you're making money and if not why not? Maybe it's time to quit ! Then you'll get the " we told you so" and " so and so did it and didn't make a single penny". Even you begin to question the business opportunity! And the strange part of it is this - this actually happens! Forget the fact that you've been working  X number of years and still haven't achieved your goal in life. But have you quit your job? Of course you haven't! It never even crossed your mind. You get up in the morning and go to work, day in and day out. Like a robot. A slave to another person's vision and dreams.  Then why allow others and even your own self to  make you feel that it's time to quit after only a short time of being in business. Give yourself a chance. 

Just because you're in network marketing doesn't mean you'll become rich overnight. It takes time and effort to develop the business and build your team. Don't get pushed by anyone. it is your dream. You have been given the opportunity. Work on it at your pace in your own time. 

Unfortunately, not all opportunities are equal. Some are better than others and in some, early results can be seen. It all depends on the business, the products and the mentorship. Therefore, choosing the right business is critical. You don't want to be spending endless hours flogging a dead horse no matter how fantastic it was presented to you when you could spend the same number of hours on another business and move ahead faster.

So, in conclusion, don't give up too soon but do choose your business carefully. 

Best of luck in your networking business


Jas Khanna

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This article was published on 27.04.2016 by Jasbir Khanna
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