Economic Salvation Coming Through Gold and Silver

We have all been led to believe that the dollars that we work so hard for everyday is real money.  The truth is, it stopped being money in 1971, when President Nixon ended the gold standard and unattached gold and silver from the dollar.  Since then, the U.S. Dollar has made a drastic decline in purchasing power.  Today, the dollar has lost over 98% of it's purchasing power.  What has caused the dollar to lose so much value? well, the need to pay for wars has caused our government to go printing crazy in order to pay for the wars.  This caused us to print out of control and the ones paying for all of this printing are the poor and middle-class.  

Most people have no clue as to why they have struggled to makes ends meet, why they have to work harder each years, and why their dollar buys less and less, year after year.  It has become a puzzle that most have not been able to figure out.  I was one of these people until 2008, when we experienced our first crisis in a long time.  People really experienced a lot of loss and even though I did not have much, but I knew people who did and they lost as much as six figures.  This brought me to the conclusion that our current system was broke and I was determined to educate myself to breakaway from it and make sure my family was prepared for the next event because we all know that history always repeats itself.

2009 began my journey to learn about our current monetary system to figure out where we got off track.  My studies first took me to 1933, when President Roosevelt confiscated all gold.  I learned that this was a result of the great depression of 1932 and a request from the President of France to secure their gold from the United States.  Shortly after the confiscation of gold, the cost of gold was set at $35 for an ounce of gold.  So from 1933 to 1971, a total of 38 years, our currency was still backed by gold.  In 1971, President Nixon ended to dollar being backed by gold by announcing that the dollar would no longer be exchanged for gold.  I believe this was because France shipped all of their dollars back to the U.S. and requested their gold.  To keep any other country from doing the same thing, President Nixon blocked it with this announcement.  This marked the beginning of the worst 40 years in American History.

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This article was published on 31.07.2016 by Darrell Porter
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