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Wow, I just returned from our company conference in Dallas and what an event it was. Because of the mission, the leadership, the already world class products and now the new disruptive technology introduced leaders from several network marketing companies were there to jump on board.

There comes a time when the networking company you’ve worked with may have old technology products, the management changes, the comp plan changes, any number of things change, and you just know that it’s time to find a better opportunity.

At Alovea the flagship technology is the Acemannan product. Immun is a disruptive technology. MIT once had an article saying of it that it is 1 of 10 Emerging Technologies that WILL Change the World. The Acemannan is why the non-profit, MannaRelief, was formed. Acemannan is used by the body to modulate the immune system and to build stem cells. Orphan children die at the rate of 7 million/year due to so many issues, not from starvation but from malnourishment. Providing Acemannan many times is the difference between life and death. Children nourished with Acemannan thrive. The stories would blow you away.

Introduced at the International conference, held in Dallas, was an all-new disruptive technology that is turning the weight loss industry on its head. It’s time to Ditch the Diet.

From hundreds of years of books and documents written about plants, herbs, seeds, and their effects on human health one researcher has discovered how to harvest the energy from the sun directly from the plant matter and place it into water. The result is a structured water that when sprayed under the tongue, morning and evening, directs the sympathetic side of the nervous system to function properly and burn fat, as needed, or build muscle as needed. Before going to bed you spray the 2nd product and the para-sympathetic side kicks in and modulates the systems to clear the body of unneeded waste from the day. And this is the simple explanation as it does so much more that regular dieting does not address.

Introduced over the weekend was the newest structured water product that is one that people can feel the benefits from almost immediately. Due to so much stress in the world, and I don’t have to go there as you know from experience, if you look at any health challenge the major cause is from stress. Now there is a new technology that can kick the effects of stress to the curb. Can you imagine how over a lifetime of simply spraying some water under your tongue how many lives can be changed? Marriages fail, many times, due to not being able to deal with stress. Businesses and jobs lost due to not being able to deal with the stress. Environmental stressors effecting children who then cannot cope. And it goes on and on.

Can you see why at Alovea momentum is building? NOBODY has this technology. Nobody! Leaders who grasp this and understand that maybe adding this as a second income stream simply cannot turn a blind eye to it. Maybe they realize the timing is right to make the move. Those orphaned in a network marketing company could be realizing that they can come build with us, be part of a growing team and know that with every product ordered a rescued from sex trafficking child or a medically fragile orphan will get the acemannan they need to thrive in life. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Consider this your invitation to look and then take action.

Thanks for reading. Let’s connect. or find me on Facebook.
This article was published on 11.08.2022 by Doug Dye
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