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Embracing Nexus Rewards' 5x6 Matrix and Viral Marketing

Do you want financial freedom and prosperity? In most cases this is just an elusive dream with few guidelines or concrete plans regarding how to attain this goal.

However, Nexus Rewards brings this dream within reach, and the $19,545.00 per month challenge is the bridge that leads to it.

What's the secret sauce that makes this challenge so promising? It's the potent combination of the 5x6 matrix compensation plan and a viral marketing system that ensures everyone wins.

The Nexus Rewards 5x6 Matrix: A Blueprint for Success

Each member of the team only needs FIVE  new members: with viral marketing a single  individuals generated  1,000 of members/signups within hours of promotion.


  • Gabe Schillinger generated 41,000 Leads and over $200K in one weekend using viral markeing.
  • Joe Di Siena generated 230,669 leads and produced more than half-a-million dollars in sales!
  • David Fraser generated 103,000 leads and did approximately 900k in sales. Plus, he used the same method again in a different market and generated 85k leads which translated into about 680k sales.

At the core of the $19,545.00 per month challenge is the Nexus Rewards generous 5x6 matrix compensation plan.  All Plans within MLM are about the numbers.

Then we introduce the power of viral marketing which leverages not only the ability of each person to maximize their earnings but  increase the virality of the program as more members embrace the concept.. 

Viral Marketing is the new buzz word in the new economy.  Smart marketers have embraced the sheer power of this remarkable software and combined it with the power of AI Chat GPT  to enable marketers to bypass the arduous and thankless tasks of clicking, posting,reading and writing useless information while leaving money on the table.

This innovative structure of Viral Marketing Software is designed to empower participants and fuel their journey toward financial abundance. Software we use and recommend include:

  • King Sumo
  • Viral Lead Funnels
  • UpViral
  • ViralDashboard Evolution

While everyone online wants to claim to offer a "VIRAL" solution, the truth is viral is in the implementation. Going Viral is like creating residual income.  You do it once and you profit forever.  We use a combination of viral software to promote Nexus Rewards.  For this promotionm we use King Sumo from App Sumo

Here's how it works:

Five Levels Deep: The matrix comprises five levels, each with increasing earning potential. As you progress through these levels by referring members and building your network, your income potential multiplies exponentially.

Six Referral Tiers: In each level, you can refer up to six members directly. As they join and build their networks, they contribute to your success. This creates a dynamic synergy that drives your earnings.

Spillover Benefits: The matrix also offers spillover benefits, where members above you may place new recruits below you, further accelerating your income potential.

Generous Commissions: Nexus Rewards offers generous commissions, bonuses, and incentives as you climb the matrix levels. These rewards are a testament to the program's commitment to your financial success.

The Viral Marketing Advantage:

A Win-Win for All

Now, let's introduce the secret weapon that propels the $19,545.00 per month challenge to new heights—viral marketing. Harnessing the power of virality ensures that everyone involved wins:

When you harness the power of viral traffic, you never worry about money again……

If You Can Learn To Harness The True Power Of Viral Traffic
(Which I’ll Show You How In A Moment)
You’ll Never Struggle To Make Money Again…

Exponential Growth: Viral marketing doesn't just attract participants; it fosters exponential growth. Every participant becomes an advocate, sharing their success stories and the opportunity with others.

If you ask most entrepreneurs, they’ll tell you that they struggle to get traffic and build their own email list.

This has been true for years... and maybe it’s true for you right now.

Cost-Effective Promotion: Unlike traditional advertising methods, viral marketing leverages the organic spread of information, significantly reducing marketing costs. This cost-effectiveness benefits participants as they don't have to invest heavily to promote the challenge.

However, when you learn how to leverage existing traffic, even the minute FREE traffic you can generate just by posting on social media, you’ll be amazed at how quickly a few hundred views and visitors can turn into thousands of leads for your business.

And then you can REALISTICALLY convert those leads to sales every single day if you wish.

Viral marketing knows no boundaries. It transcends geographical limitations, enabling participants to reach a global audience. This global reach opens doors to a diverse network, enriching the experience for everyone involved.

Viral Marketing is way to generate all the leads and traffic you want for any product, but without the risk of wasting money on ads.

Accessible Opportunity: Viral marketing ensures that the opportunity is accessible to all. It doesn't discriminate based on background, experience, or resources.

Anyone with the desire to achieve financial freedom can participate and thrive.

Summary of the $19,545.00 Challenge More Info Click Here

The $19,545.00 per month challenge by Nexus Rewards, fueled by the 5x6 matrix compensation plan and supercharged by viral marketing, is a win-win for everyone involved.  Viral Marketing leverages you traffic.

Viral Marketing can transform any business into a supercharged powerhouse of leads and sales. It offers a clear path to financial freedom, promotes a sense of community, and empowers individuals to build their success stories.

As participants join forces to create a viral wave of prosperity, they not only secure their own financial future but also contribute to the growth and success of others in the Nexus Rewards community.

 Viral Markteting is a revolution in the making, where everyone truly wins.

To Your Success!

Virginia R Sanders

‪ (916) 546-5642‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

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This article was published on 05.10.2023 by Virginia Sanders
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