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What is The Algorithm of Insincerity? Part 1

Let's examine the know, like, and trust strategy of building a huge network marketing team.

I love it when people come up with new network marketing business building theories, especially really bad ones. Because for me they're so fun to pick apart. Because I've been in this industry so long and have made so many studied observations of the way people have been trying all these new  tricks and gimmicks in a generic way industry wide in order to manipulate people into joining their network marketing business. But very few ever end up actually doing a network marketing business even with these great sounding techniques.

Which are being promoted with entirely different dynamics that are going on in both legitimate companies as well as those with questionable products, horrible compensation structures, and a culture based on Greed that only focuses on the promotion of an opportunity instead of proven business principles which I've mentioned numerous times in the past.

Tell me:

Who actually uses the know, like and trust method of Business Development?

Well it's right there in the formula of know, like and trust:

You get people to know you, like you, and trust you and they will be more inclined to join your business. This principle is super effective in old school network marketing because it has always been used in a genuine relational setting, not with strangers on the internet who don't know you, who don't like you, and who certainly don't already trust you. A big red flag to this technique is you will not know the name of the actual MLM company until you are well into the mind control process. I don't need or want to hide the name of the company I promote because I can point to our exclusive products that have produced repeat sales and fierce customer loyalty.

Artificially manufacturing relationships in a very inorganic way on the internet will not create the same results as someone who's known you for many years. That is why most (***not all***)people who made a big income in network marketing previously already had a well-established network of people who knew, liked and trusted them. I'm telling you with every bit of sincerity I have you cannot replicate that type of relational dynamic into a formulaic procedural operation with strangers.

So what is my major criticism of know, like, and Trust as it relates to its use by the attraction marketing crowd?

 I'm going to make some very acerbic and accusatory statements about the people who use this type of marketing to unsuspecting and naive people.

Just because you're likable and you can make people trust you does not mean you have a practical viable business for a person to join. Know, like and trust is the money making formula taken directly from the very playbook con artists have been using to defraud people out of their money for as long as people have been able to communicate.

The reason why Network marketers who use this method are so dumb is because they try to get hundreds of people to know like and trust them whom they have no idea whether or not they have any money to pay for the products or they have any business sense, or the desire to learn the skills needed to do the opportunity. The only thing they're doing is casting a wide net online and using some compelling advertising and copy-writing methods to manipulate a person's desire to make money regardless of the opportunity that they are promoting.

Now.. If they were smart, they would do what most real con artists typically do:

Because separating a single shrewd wealthy person over the course of a year from millions of dollars is an art form and a far more effective way to make a lot of money relatively quickly.

Target a single hyper rich person and then get a big payday. Because the manipulative techniques used are almost identical. But when you're prospecting a bunch of poor people who want to make money, you have to entice a lot of them in order to find even a few who will do anything in the program. It's a very ineffective technique for making a little bit of money from a lot of people who end up either quitting or perpetuating the con themselves.

This is a good place to tell you to go watch my video entitled Manipucation or Dupulationto see why manipulative techniques Do Not Duplicate because it's dishonest and most people won't do it.

And as this prospecting method continues to increase as it has, the more likely a person who is exposed to it will already know that it's a scam.

If you want a business built on integrity and servant leadership you can learn and emulate, connect with me here or on m YouTube channel by clicking the link above.

More to come in Part 2


This article was published on 28.10.2022 by Kevin Harrison
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