You're not serious?

You're not serious? 

That's what I hear you saying but I can assure you that I am totally serious! 


Very soon, in a matter of weeks something never before seen will be entering your life.

Whether you join me or not you will eventually know about this because everyone will know about this and hopefully you won't be saying to anyone that you knew about it weeks before it launched AND had the opportunity to be an affiliate! 

This company is headed up by the biggest in the industry. Not the Network Marketing Industry...the app industry!

Can you imagine just for a minute that you earned revenue from everyone playing Angry Birds or Candy crush  for instance?  And playing for FREE! 

What I'm about to share with you is way bigger than that. It is an app, it is free to download AND free to play but you will be paid on every person you share this free app with who plays the games, and every person that they share the free app with and so on and so on and so on! You could have hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of players in your network and you will be earning from each and every one of them!  And the best part! This is a sports app.  An interactive sports app that will be played globally. Every time i write about this i catch myself shaking my head in disbelief that I'm actually in the right place at the right time for what could possibly be the biggest thing to happen this decade! Well...other than Pokemon Go but well, maybe not. This could very well be bigger. Hey...imagine that! Imagine if Pokemon Go was paying you to share the app! OMG!  But this will be bigger. 

This will be phenomenal! 

The company don't want millions of affiliates. They do want millions of players.  Therefore they will be closing the doors for affiliate applications very soon...before the app is launched which will be sometime this fall. 

So what do you do as an affiliate?

1. Do not sell anything.

2. Do share a free app with anyone who likes games or sports or sports games.

How do you share?


Do you know any teenagers? That'd be a good place to start.

The normal online places of course but don't forget your friends. They can actually earn amazing prizes by playing. Real tangible prizes including free flights and cars! CARS!

How about thinking outside the box now?

How about groups that would require fund raising like churches or schools. 

I know our school could always do with some extra funding. Well all that you'd need to do is enrol the head of the school or the head of PTA as an affiliate. They then share the app with all parents and students who very happily play for free. Meanwhile the affiliate is raking it in and has provided a healthy influx of money

Very nice!

So....please watch this video if you like or contact me asap with your full name, email and phone number with country code and I will send you an access code. An access code is needed as we are in pre-launch but not for long. and type CODE in the subject line. 

Game On!!!


This article was published on 28.07.2016 by Lisa Fabian
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